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Posted by on Aug 13, 2008 in At TMV | 5 comments

DNC and Warehousing Cattle/ Protesters in Cages


They’re trying to empty the Denver jails in anticipation of all the protesters the Denver police may need to round up. But, the Denver County jails are overflowing with prisoners nonetheless.

So, Denver Mayor Hickenlooper has authorized a unique way to contain protesters: cages. Inside a warehouse. Far from Denver central where all the action will be.

One of the guys who does investigative reporting for the local TV channel, Rick Sallinger, says the lockup at a warehouse owned by Denver has dozens are metal cages. They are made out of chain link fence material and topped by rolls of barbed wire.

The plans were to keep this lockup a secret, at least for now. The sheriff’s department said late Tuesday the mayor’s office would be releasing a statement about it early next week.

The sheriff will not discuss the game plan.

But, so much for “secret” lockup.

The ACLU is riding in with all flags burning.

I’d say the mayor ought not wait til next week to make his “statement” about the cages. Around town, pundits and protesters are already calling Hickenloopers newest ‘urban solution’ “GITMO on the Platte.”

Chain link cages without means for toilets, first aid, places to meet with counsel… no phones, no running water…. Bad, bad image for the Dems who have often been outspoken about the caging of human beings at Gitmo I.

Not to mention that the cages look like 4 people people making a human chain can go right over the top, if not topple the structures by sheer force of weight during a bum’s rush.

But the city is said to be considering using/ buying/ renting_
–a ray gun— that sounds like science fiction, I know– but it is mounted on an armored vehicle and gives off an intense blast of heat that disperses crowds…
–an auditory crowd disperser that makes ear-drum splitting sounds
–and tasers that fire long range, twenty blasts at a time to disable indiduals

The DNCC and City of Denver measures, with regard to other people’s rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, are beginning to sound like 15th century Spain. Under Torquemada.

*Platte River flows through Denver

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  • Rambie

    These do sound bad at first glance, but if there was a big riot they’d need somewhere to hold people until they are processed. If the processing of these hypothetical arrested protesters was only a few hours then the issue doesn’t seem so bad as long as they had access to restrooms and 1st aid.

    I would be surprised if Minneapolis was not preparing for a huge influx of arrests in September.

  • Ricorun

    Word has it that the original Gitmo is some pretty nice digs. Why not ship them there? Obviously they’d be unofficial enemy combatants. What’s the problem?

  • Rambie

    Probably because the Republicans already reserved them for Sept?

    I can be snarky too!

  • DLS

    “The ACLU is riding in with all flags burning.”

    Now there is an example of people who belong in the cages or at Guantanamo.

  • lurxst

    Ouch DLS, they belong in prison because they stand up for our rights? Yours and mine?

    As for the preparations I suppose its better that the city be prepared to handle an incident as opposed to being caught with its pants down. The question will be how tolerant they will be and discerning about protest versus rioting. In some ways its almost hopeless. With so many law enforcement personnel, clad in paramilitary gear with a well videographed intolerance for people flying their freak flags its almost certain that something will break out. I am still holding out for the Denver PD to surprise us all with professionalism and acting like peace officers. Glad Dr. C is there to give us some eyewitness updates.

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