Isn’t it really time to say bluntly what all commentators and many citizens are not saying when stories come out about about this supposedly funny motif of some partisans seemingly suggest the assassinations of partisans on the other side in jokes, displays, etc.? Aren’t we inexorably moving to a day when a major figure of either political party is going to be killed because of the continued tolerance and unfettered enabling of this kind of “humor”?

No, don’t call it PC: call it “common sense.” Angry and hyperpartisan minds create things such as this; unhinged minds could be inspired by things such as this. Its latest incarnation comes in a display outhouse marked “Obama Presidential Library” at the Montana Republican convention, TPM reports:

Outside the Montana state Republican Party convention this weekend was an outhouse labeled the “Obama Presidential Library” and covered in painted-on bullet holes.

Inside the outhouse contained a fake birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama, according to the Helena Independent Record.

It was stamped “Bull——.” A graffito advised “For a Good Time call 800-Michelle (crossed out), Hillary (crossed out) and Pelosi (circled in red.)”

State GOP Chairman Will Deschamps said he didn’t know who was responsible for the outhouse but called it a “sideshow,” the paper reported.

“It’s not something I’m going to agonize over,” he said. “Some of that stuff is not real good taste. We do have a president of the United States, and we have to honor that.”

Good statement from Deschamps. Now if it isn’t an empty statement the GOP will tell whoever hauled in this outhouse that needs to be moved to the city dump because the bullet holes suggesting the shooting of a President and scrawls deameaning Democratic women politicians don’t exactly belong at an o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l function of the Republican Party . And because doing so might be incorrectly construed by some voters that by allowing this display at a GOP convention it’s a tacit endorsement of possible violence towards politicians and contempt of women. (Uh, oh, here come the comments now about Bill Maher, as if that excuses a political display that comes suitably in the form of an outhouse.)

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • The_Ohioan

    Previous outhouse humor from Freedom Works/Glen Beck 912 March (2nd one in 2010).

    No bullet holes, though. This does stoke it up a notch. It’s not like we’ve never had a political assassination in this country. We had 6 in 6 years 1963 – 1969 and 9 presidential assassination incidents in the last 150 years. That’ a 1 in 4 rate – not very encouraging.

    However, if the Republican party sees no problem with this at an official Republican event, that seems to be a culmination of the Tea Party’s influence on what used to be a reputable responsible political party.

    Anxiously waiting to see a similarly offensive object at an official Democratic function. Surely there’s one out there somewhere.

  • slamfu

    I really don’t get this level of disrespect to the highest office in the land. I really really don’t like George Bush, but the little stunt pulled by the guys from “Game of Thrones” having a mock up of Bush’s head on a pike, and numerous stunts like this one aimed at Obama, really cross a line. I suppose I should be happy that people are excercising their 1st amendment rights, I prefer these people out in the open then operating in secret. But still, you just gotta wonder about what the hell is going through someone’s mind when they put something like this together.

  • StockBoyLA

    One can argue whether this outhouse should exist or not, people’s first amendment rights, etc. However I agree with Joe that something like this does NOT belong at an official Republican (or Democratic Party) function.

    But then again… people in this country are becoming crasser and they elect people who are like them… crass. They no longer seem to want to elect upstanding leaders with strong values. They want leaders who will appeal to their baser side. It’s like children who don’t want good parents…. children want parents who will give them candy and toys all the time. That’s the sort of people an increasing number of Americans want as leaders. What can we expect when crass people without very good leadership skills are in all sorts of positions of power?

  • gah60

    Why are so many Republicans stuck at 4th grade in their development? This is another example and it is also dis-respectful of the Office of the POTUS AND of women, AGAIN (Vagina Vagina Vagina PEPSI)!

    Grow the EFF up!

  • dmp

    You don’t even know what the politics are of the people behind this, you don’t know who they are and for that matter you don’t even know if they are Democrats so until you do you should use that time to grow up and be a big kid yourself.

  • SteveK

    @dmp – Actually we do know the politics of the person behind this

    Controversy Swirls Over Outhouse Called ‘Obama Presidential Library’

    It’s a mobile political statement sparking a lot of emotion. Dave Hurtt said he built the outhouse as a statement against Obama’s policies. Outside are fake bullet holes.

    Inside, is a mockup of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. There’s also a sign that said, “For a good time,”…then the names Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

    Hurtt said it’s like old fashioned outhouse graffiti.


    “Some of the left wing pundits that want to run down the Republican party so I’m perhaps striking back,” said Hurtt. Hurtt said he has received a lot of “thumbs up” for his creation. But as of now, Montana’s political leaders are distancing themselves from the outhouse as fast as they can.

    Nice try but your attempt to defend the indefensible with ‘grow up and be a big kid’ is…