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Posted by on Mar 2, 2008 in Politics | 8 comments

Dispatch from Ohio: Even The Wave radio station is all political ads, all the time

I just received a very distressed phone call from someone running errands this morning in NE Ohio. His first words were, “Someone is making a lot of money.” He went on to say that,

It’s one political ad after another on the radio – even 107! Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones hawking this one, Barack Obama telling us about hope in the other one – it’s insane and it’s not even Tuesday yet!

I received four or five phone calls yesterday, and Friday night, during Shabbat, after I’d received two or three afternoon calls, from live and robovoices, I made my son pick up the phone (wouldn’t you know it was a person I actually needed to talk to?).

My favorite ones so far: Cuyahoga County Judge Stuart Friedman‘s robocall. I’m paraphrasing:

Hi. This is Judge Stuart Friedman. I know. You hate these calls. And I really hate these calls.

Judge Friedman has been a judge for at least 18 years, because when I was clerking during the summer of 1990, while in law school, he was on the bench. And he says his spiel with such real-toned exhaustion. I hung up on him, but I was laughing in a goodhearted way. (Hmm – just looked at his picture – might be a different Stuart Friedman than one I remember.)

Then, there was the call yesterday where they tell me to “push 1” if I’m a woman and “push 2” if I’m a man. You know which one I pushed? Yup – 2. And the call says a couple of things about voting and hangs up on me! Anyone guess who paid for that call? It starts out saying it’s some analytics group.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better and I’m rounding up a big batch of posts and news and polls to prove it. Stay tuned.

Shout out to Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island – is it like this there too?

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  • Shout back at you from Texas — Yes!!! We’re positively inundated with ads and calls.

    Our phone has rung at least 3 times a day beginning Friday. Interestingly, we haven’t had a single call from the Clinton campaign; all from Obama’s people. No robocalls yet. All live.

    And between the radio and television, there’s not a chance people don’t at least know we’re having an election. LOL!

  • Hey – thanks Polimom!!

    I would say more from Clinton than Obama, and yes, the Clinton ones are live people. I think I may have had one live one from Obama.

    Then there was the reverse 911 from my city about a water main break – but see, here’s the problem – seriously: you get so sick of the robovoices that you hang up immediately – and you don’t listen to an emergency call from your city. That could be a disaster waiting to happen.

    Have you said whether you know who you are voting for and if you do, who it is?

  • “Have you said whether you know who you are voting for and if you do, who it is?”

    Thus far, our response of “we’ve already voted” has ended each call. Here in Texas, the logical next question would conceivably be whether it was for Obama.

    Following the poll closures at 7pm Tuesday, the caucuses begin. Since one has to have voted in the primary to participate in them, the callers should be asking the (unfortunately delicate and potentially invasive) question of “who’d ya vote for?”. This is crucial because if it’s a “yes”, then the Obama voters need to be reminded to caucus. (This would be true also from Hillary callers who find Hillary voters.)

    • Ooo – I don’t think I’ve followed this twist in how Texas does things – you vote all day and then who caucuses? Ok – you don’t have to be my teacher 🙂 Where’s the best place to learn how it works?

  • LOL!!! I’m glad I don’t have to explain. Here’s a (very recent) article from the Houston Chronicle about what folks are calling “The Texas Two-Step”.

    • Thanks, Polimom – I’ll be sure to mention it in my primary preview posts.

  • Holly_in_Cincinnati

    We too are inundated with advertising here in Cincinnati. Someone might want to remind these folks that voters like me keep the TV off most of the time, especially during election week! I wish that they would donate the $$$$$ spent on the ads to soup kitchens and shelters instead.

  • StockBoySF

    Jill, Polimom and Holly- I feel so sorry for you three (and everyone else in OH and TX). I couldn’t imagine being inundated with that many unwanted phone calls. I think I got one call when CA voted last month.

    Jill, good for you for making your son learn how to deal with annoying phone calls. He’s going to have to get used to it. Just make sure he’s polite! 🙂

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