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Posted by on Feb 24, 2009 in Economy, Politics | 5 comments

Did Obama’s Budget Speech Define Him As Left Of Center? (UPDATED)

The verdicts are now trickling in on what was essentially all but a State of the Union address by President Barack Obama — officially, a speech on his upcoming budget. And here’s one of the first from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

Matthews contends that Obama gave a meaty speech in which he laid out some clear positions and defined himself as “left of center.” Watch:

Decide for yourself. Read the full text of Obama’s speech.

UPDATE: As of this writing we can’t find an embed of the entire Obama speech. But Matthews was less-than-impressed with the GOP response by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Here’s Jindal’s response to Obama’s well-received speech, so you can decide for yourself if Matthews was accurate or way off base:

: Some interesting reactions and links from Glenn Reynolds, aka InstaPundit.

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  • greenschemes

    This is what the GOP wants Obama to do. Reveal his true stripes which is left of center. Thats always been a given. The question is how far left of center he ends up.

    By refusing to cooperate they are forcing Obama to govern to his base or at least to those that will support him and his agenda. This is how he is going to allow himself to be painted as the far left progressive that everyone knows he is.

    Its the GOP’s strategy. They are convinced that the Country is not far left and by allowing him and the democrats to think their mandate was about the far left then they will regain power because the country will be able to once again throw out a bunch of politicians who “Just don’t get it.”

    Its called the Crying game……… Jill so handily points out in another post.

  • Leonidas

    This doesn’t define him as left of center he has been there his whole political career. How many times as a Congressman did he break from his Party’s line? If I remember correctly he was one of the more partisan members of congress with something like a 93% partisan voting record. No surprses here. He has paid lip service to bi-partisanship in the past but seems to stop talking when put up or shut up time comes. Remember that bi-partisan commitee McCain was putting together that Obama walked away from to join a pure democrat team long before the election? Remember how he has a cocktail party for republicans about the Stimulas but how they were subsequently shut out from the crafting of the package in the House and even in the Senate until those 3 GOP votes were needed, and even then only a few select Senators were invited to participate?

    Obama speaks a good game, but he is not a candidate any more but holds the office, if he wants to be taken as more centrist or bi-partisan he needs to walk the walk, talking the talk doesn’t cut it anymore. He has to cut the Pelosi umbilical cord.

  • Chancellor18

    Jindal is another self-aggrandizing Republican trying to fly on the coat tails of Obamamania. He may as well have said, “Vote for me in 2012”. He just doesn’t pass the smell test and certainly didn’t say anything new, that Obama hasn’t already said.

  • greenschemes

    Same old bleeding heart liberal lies we’ve heard for 4 decades. Were gonna fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure you are.

    News flash people. IF they fix it………….then they are not needed any longer……..

  • Left of center? I’d put him slightly right of Chavez.

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