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Posted by on Apr 25, 2016 in Environment | 10 comments

Did climate change cause these ancient civilizations to collapse?


Scientists have documented the environmental impacts of climate change — including melting ice sheets — and predicted rising sea levels. But can climate change also disrupt culture? Reporting in Science Advances, researchers say that climate change may have been a factor in the boom-and-bust cycles of ancient Southwest civilizations in the United States. “Droughts didn’t always…

  • KP

    “Inequality, especially within economic and ritual systems and government systems can have a real pernicious effect and destabilize societies from the bottom up,” Bocinsky says. “When you live in an unequal system that’s hierarchical, people can blame that system. And I think that the current dialogue that’s happening in this country has to do with that type of process.”


    As I have been saying here for some time, progressive politics in California is disproportionally punishing the poor and minorities. California has the highest poverty rate in America _by far_.

    Restrict water usage, which means local water regulators _have_ to raise rates ~25% to make budget. OUCH! for the poor.

    Make gas in California more expensive (~ 1$ gallon) than anywhere on the continental US to prevent emissions. Who suffers. The poor. KAPOW!

    Make electricity more expensive in an effort to be clean. Who suffers disproportionally? The poor. BLAM!

    When I asked a UC professor of economics about the negative impact of progressive politics when it comes to water, utilities, gas and food, he smiled and said ‘let them use less’.


    • dduck

      What about the negative impact of conservative (whatever that is) politics ?

      • KP

        That would probably take an entire lunch to cover. Which … I would welcome.

        Side note, I favor many of the policies mentioned above. The problem, as I see it, is that too many progressives are more interested being right (correct) that helping the poor. Consequently, the poor and middle class suffer their whims.

        • KP

          Just my HollyScoop two cents.

        • dduck

          And what they don’t screw up, the Reps do.
          Coffee could work.

    • JSpencer


    • it isnt like cities such as LA have a public transportation system that allows them to use less gas. The buses are already stuck in traffic and stuffed. Less water? these people aren’t watering their lawns. Less food? he means cheaper unhealthy food that causes long term health problems

      • JSpencer

        True. There are so many things we could be doing to alleviate our problems, and by doing so, make life more sustainable and rich (not in a material sense, although that could be a by-product) for coming generations. All we have to do is prioritize common sense and the concept of responsibility. Why is that so hard? I tend to lay blame on the usual suspects: greed and ignorance, but maybe there is more to it. It isn’t as though we don’t have the resources to start addressing big problems.

        • Brownies girl

          “Why is that so hard? I tend to lay blame on the usual suspects: greed and ignorance, but maybe there is more to it. It isn’t as though we don’t have the resources to start addressing big problems.”

          It’s out of season, but your reference JS, to greed and ignorance made me think of this clip from a film we watched every Christmas eve. It’s as true today as it was in the 1800’s when Dickens wrote it.

          • JSpencer

            Yes indeed, that sums it up well. The challenges we humans face start with ourselves and they are the same as they ever were – only the props and names are different.

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