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Posted by on Dec 10, 2016 in Politics | 13 comments

Democrat Vs. Democrat

Democrat Vs. Democrat

Barbara Boxer favors fish over Californians. Diane Feinstein favors Californians over fish.

That is the takeaway from The Hill story “Senate Dem blocks own bill over California drought language”:

“Retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer was expecting to score one final legislative victory with a major water resources package just before the holidays. But the California Democrat instead got what she would consider a lump of coal: a last-minute policy rider that is now causing her to block her own bill. “It breaks my heart,” Boxer said during a lengthy and impassioned floor speech on Friday. “Here I am, standing up, making a big fuss over my own bill, saying vote no. It’s really painful for me to have to filibuster my own bill.” At issue is the last-minute inclusion of controversial California drought language in a Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) successfully slipped in long-desired language to provide drought relief to central and southern California. It would temporarily relax environmental standards and instruct federal officials to divert more water to farms and other users in the federal water infrastructure in the Golden State.”

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Barbara Boxer has torpedoed more legislation than she’s helped pass during her four terms in the Senate. Before retiring for good (literally), the Bay Area Democrat is trying to sink a water bill that could provide modest relief to farmers in California’s parched Central Valley. Congress plans to vote this week on bipartisan legislation that would authorize a variety of water projects including port dredging, reservoirs, fish hatcheries, lake recreation and wetlands restoration. The package also includes $120 million to fix Flint, Michigan’s corroded pipes and other aging municipal water systems. Yet Ms. Boxer has blown a gasket over a rider inserted by House Republicans and her Democratic colleague Dianne Feinstein that would direct the Departments of Interior and Commerce to operate the pumps in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta at the maximum levels allowed by law. “There is no place for that as long as I am breathing,” Ms. Boxer declared.”

From the Los Angeles Times:

“When she spoke on the Senate floor hours later, Feinstein laid out why she supports the plan, calling it “the result of three years of painstaking public work.” “California is home… to more than 40 million people, and our major water infrastructure hasn’t been significantly changed in the past 50 years when we had 16 million,” Feinstein said. “We must modernize the system, both infrastructure and operational flexibility, or I fear we risk eventually becoming a desert state.”The final language includes chunks of a bill Feinstein introduced in February, which was considered twice by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee but never made it to the full Senate. Feinstein has called it one of the most difficult bills she has ever worked on.“We have addressed, to the best of our ability and on and on and on, concerns raised by environmentalists, water districts, federal and state agencies and the [agriculture] sector,” she said. “I believe that these provisions will place California on a long-term path to drought resiliency.””

What with Boxer retiring from the U.S. Senate, she has nothing to lose politically by favoring fish over Californians.

In her speech in favor of the fish, Boxer states, “There is no place for that [operating pumps at maximum levels allowed by law ] as long as I am breathing.”

In that case, Boxer should star in a new movie.

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  • epiphyte

    One has to wonder what is DRs motivation here… Why would he go to such lengths to dance around the facts behind this regional story in order to construct a Democrats vs. Democrats narrative, pretty much out of whole cloth, when there are much more important things going down?

    My pet theory is that he’s auditioning for a job in the ministry of truth.

    • Ballard Burgher

      Pondering the same question. David Robertson posts seem less partisan (though he leans right) than about ridiculing the lowest of low hanging fruit. As you point out, he selects “facts” and simply ignores contrary evidence, even when it piles up.

      To what purpose? To make himself look clever or witty? If so, these posts are an abject failure, making him look petty, shallow and mean-spirited.

      Why not try the opposite approach? Find a writer or political figure who is particularly insightful, creative or effective and promote them rather than beating up on the opposite?

      It is also possible he is simply a troll.

      • JSpencer

        “It is also possible he is simply a troll.”

        I believe you are being generous in your use of the word, “possible”. It’s been obvious for some time that trolling is his primary motive.

  • Markus1

    California is a desert state and always has been. The average rainfall in Los Angeles over the last 180 years is about 14 inches, but in the last five years there has been a shortfall of about 6-8 inches per year compared to the historic norm. Agriculture is economically important and politically very important. At the same time, there is a huge human population compared to historical norms. Obviously this leads to conflicts. Politics is the way to resolve conflicts without more disruptive methods. Some politicians are advocates for one side, and others are advocates for the other side. I am not sure why Mr. Robertson finds this funny. To me this is the way things are supposed to work.

  • dduck

    To all of the readers that lambaste DR, but can’t stop reading his biased columns: He will soon write bigely about the Rep versus Rep wars, for example McCain and Graham vs Trump/Connely, or whatever. (This is a great country and it will be greater as eruptions occur in both parties and aggravate arm-chair politicians in the blogosphere :-).

    • JSpencer

      “He will soon write bigely about the Rep versus Rep wars”

      His purpose in doing so would only be to provide license for his attacks on democrats. We’ve seen him engage in this dynamic before.

      • dduck

        Wanna bet? Oh, but, you shouldn’t be reading the articles of a moron. Catch 22.

        • KP

          “Catch 22”, my all time favorite novel. Made me laugh so hard I cried. Kind of like politics today 🙂

        • JSpencer

          “you shouldn’t be reading the articles of a moron”

          Your word, not mine. Of course I’ll read and comment as I see fit.

          • dduck

            Not me, see another thread for the author.

          • JSpencer

            “Moron” in quotes would have been an easy way to avoid any misunderstanding, but that’s all beside point. Not that any of DR’s writing or the comments which follow have any more impact than navel contemplation.

          • dduck

            Noted. 🙂

  • KP

    I have written about the water issues in California in the past so I won’t go into detail, but I agree with Feinstein when it comes to helping the farmers, which helps the entire nation.

    But dang, FIX FLINT NOW!!

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