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Posted by on Jan 31, 2008 in Politics | 7 comments

Dem Debate: Making love to the real-time reaction meter

Senator Hillary Clinton’s responses caressed the CNN real-time reaction meter with consistently higher ratings than Senator Barack Obama all night long.

A few other observations, as a result of liveblogging the debate at two blogs at once:

-Hillary was “Senator Clinton” while Barack was “Barack” much of the evening – some of the co-bloggers I blogged with didn’t like that and thought it wasn’t respectful of HRC to not call Barack “Senator Obama.”

-some bloggers thought Obama looked annoyed when talking about hugging a grieving parent in relation to the angst of the war in Iraq.

-everyone loved the idea of the Dream Team and blogged it before Wolf Blitzer asked about the two candidates whether they’d consider it.

-we all wanted to know where Bill was shacked up and who he was with for the night.

-we wanted Pierce Brosnan and Diane Keaton to ask the questions and we wanted the camera to stop showing Rob Reiner.

General consensus: far better debate on every level than the GOP event last night. My estimation: because the two candidates are far better candidates on every level. But that’s just me. 😉

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  • PaulSilver

    Wouldn’t it be interesting for Clinton to pick Obama as a running mate and then appoint him to the Supreme Court with the next opening.

  • I thought the debate was a draw. Both were on point. The whole “Senator Obama is all talk” should quite down some (he came off like the cool college professor to me). Senator Clinton seemed relaxed and was solid. The both were very respectful and classy. Much better than the Republican Debate.


  • StockBoySF

    Great debate and Obama and Hillary certainly did agree before going into the debate that they would be cordial and pleasant towards each other. After the debate Obama even held Hillary’s chair as she was getting up. There were times on the stage when it seemed as though they were best buds, that they were a team. But there were some digs taken, too. But even those were done civilly.

    And yes, the debate was so much better than the Republicans. There was more applause in this debate than any other. It was almost as if the audience liked both candidates. It was almost as though the crowd liked both candidate and there was no large block of Hillary supporters and no large block of Obama supporters. For the most part the audience seemed as though they would have been happy with either as President.

    As far as the dream ticket- I have thought about that over the months and have dismissed it. But there was one moment in tonight’s debate where it seemed possible. At the end, when the O/C (or C/O) ticket was broached, I thought it was interesting that neither really answered the question.

  • Taking the civility into these comments: I agree with everyone. 🙂 And frankly, I feel I can actually say and write that they make me proud of our system. Until the next negative ad anyway.

    Kudos to them both.

  • DLS

    It was a yawner. As to the “dream team,” well, you’re all better late than never, I suppose. Some of us (ahem) were mentioning this possibility during the 2004 Dem convention.

  • DLS

    Don’t be surprised if Clinton News Network’s reaction meter had bias in it.

  • DLS

    And I realize that every GOP debate, to date, has been a yawner.

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