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Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in 2016 Elections | 10 comments

Debate Analysis: It Wasn’t Much of a Football Game



The final score was 45 to 32, but it wasn’t really that close. The Atlanta Falcons ran up and down the field on a New Orleans Saints’ defense that wasn’t prepared for a big time performance. By halftime it was 28 – 17 with the final result not in serious doubt.

Rather than listen to the usual halftime blather I went channel surfing but couldn’t find anything else on tv except some stupid debate between a red suited robot and an orange clown. The orange clown sniffed and snorted and drank copious volumes of water, but couldn’t complete a cogent sentence. The red suited robot pushed a button behind her back that twisted her face into a fake smile, but she made more sense generally than the orange clown.

The orange clown yelled into the microphone that he had the best temperament to be the town beekeeper (or something) and threatened to slap anyone who didn’t agree that his temperament was the bestest ever. He may not have said that last part. I was playing with the dog by then and may have misinterpreted the run-on rants of the orange clown. Didn’t some of his facial expression bear a resemblance to The Joker from the Batman movie?

The red suited robot twisted to a smile again, laughed and shook her shoulders. I was reminded (for reasons I understand but won’t bore you with) of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band singing Mr. Bojangles. Then she reminded us that women are pigs and slobs and other nasty things…or maybe she was quoting the orange clown who talked about his famous friends and enemies like Rosie and Sean and Mr. Magoo.

By the time I got back to ESPN the game hadn’t gotten any better. Me and the dog went outside in the back yard and played Frisbee in the dark with only the patio light to guide us. The dog had a great time and so did I. Way better than the football game, or the other thing.

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