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Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in 2016 Elections | 10 comments

Debate Analysis: It Wasn’t Much of a Football Game



The final score was 45 to 32, but it wasn’t really that close. The Atlanta Falcons ran up and down the field on a New Orleans Saints’ defense that wasn’t prepared for a big time performance. By halftime it was 28 – 17 with the final result not in serious doubt.

Rather than listen to the usual halftime blather I went channel surfing but couldn’t find anything else on tv except some stupid debate between a red suited robot and an orange clown. The orange clown sniffed and snorted and drank copious volumes of water, but couldn’t complete a cogent sentence. The red suited robot pushed a button behind her back that twisted her face into a fake smile, but she made more sense generally than the orange clown.

The orange clown yelled into the microphone that he had the best temperament to be the town beekeeper (or something) and threatened to slap anyone who didn’t agree that his temperament was the bestest ever. He may not have said that last part. I was playing with the dog by then and may have misinterpreted the run-on rants of the orange clown. Didn’t some of his facial expression bear a resemblance to The Joker from the Batman movie?

The red suited robot twisted to a smile again, laughed and shook her shoulders. I was reminded (for reasons I understand but won’t bore you with) of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band singing Mr. Bojangles. Then she reminded us that women are pigs and slobs and other nasty things…or maybe she was quoting the orange clown who talked about his famous friends and enemies like Rosie and Sean and Mr. Magoo.

By the time I got back to ESPN the game hadn’t gotten any better. Me and the dog went outside in the back yard and played Frisbee in the dark with only the patio light to guide us. The dog had a great time and so did I. Way better than the football game, or the other thing.

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  • Dorian de Wind, Military Affairs Columnist


    Wish I were into Monday night football or had a dog to play with.

    Would have been time much better spent and saved me a lot of aggravation.

    • Robert P. Coutinho

      My Son-in-Law got me into League of Legends (online computer game). It happens to have a very popular professional league (well quite a few of them actually). Much more entertaining.

  • rudi

    The Monday Night game was a stinker. The debate was more entertaining. Kinda like choosing between a root canal or pulling a molar without any numbing.

  • dduck


  • Bob Munck

    The red suited robot pushed a button behind her back that twisted her face into a fake smile

    What did she do or fail to do that you thought was robot-like? What led you to believe that her smile was fake?

    I don’t believe that TMV authors are required to follow “both sides” rules. You’re allowed to say something about one side without needing to find an equivalent thing to say about the other side.


      As a TMV author, I’m allowed to honestly express what I observe or think. I did so in this piece just as I did when I accused the Obama administration of violating long standing American policy against assassination by “murdering” (yes, I used that word) Osama bin Laden.

      You’re welcome to disagree with me, but this is just a humorous little piece that honestly reflects what I observed in the debate. I don’t need to take sides any more than I need to avoid taking sides. I honestly think both candidates suck & don’t mind saying so, though I have also said that I will vote for Hillary for the sake of the Court.

      • Bob Munck

        I honestly wanted to know why you thought Clinton was robot-like and faking her smile. She seemed to me to be acting like a person. Since most of the smiling was in amusement at Trump’s antics, it seems likely that it was sincere.


          My observations,like almost all of us I think, are colored by my experience. Those experiences include meeting Hillary Clinton on several occasions when she was First Lady and meeting Donald Trump once at a charity gala. I do not pretend to know either of them, but first impressions hang on. I found Trump to be an obnoxious turd and found Hillary to be pleasant but insincere. It would appear that the bias from those encounters continues to be reflected in my perceptions today.

          • Bob Munck

            and found Hillary to be pleasant but insincere.

            But that only pushes my question back 20 years or so. Same question: why did you decide she was insincere back then?

            My observations,like almost all of us I think, are colored by my experience.

            I don’t mind that; it’s the way people work. What bothers the heck out of me is the apparent effect of the right-wing’s quarter-century hate campaign against the Clintons. Time and again I’ll observe some intelligent, clear-thinking liberal saying derogatory things about one or both of them that you might expect to find on a poster at a tea party bund. When I get a chance to probe the source of their opinion, I almost always find it comes from or more of the faux scandals launched and maintained by the VRC. We shouldn’t allow the right wing to plant these things in our collective unconsciousness.

            You seem to have sources for your opinion that are independent of the Conspiracy, as do I. I’ve always found H. Clinton to be almost achingly sincere; she works extremely hard at the things she believes in. She doesn’t campaign well, but that’s a problem only in that it causes some very capable office-holders to fail to obtain that office.

          • dduck

            ES+10 BM-20

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