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  • Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

    I see over at his blogsite and elsewhere the tributes are pouring in for Steve the Bold. Just wanted to leave a lttle wreath of words here too. 41 years on earth, only half a lifetime compared to those who will live twice as long, and yet in five years of blogging, he gave out heated-up history, research and opinion to millions. These times and techs were made for him. In his short life, he didn’t ‘go to the grave with the song still in him.’ May his family and close friends ever be comforted.

  • Uncle Joe Mccarthy

    while this isnt a shock (steve has been in poor health these past few months) im still saddened by this loss.

    there are 4 sites that i visit every morning and evening….this one, c&L, rawstory and the news blog.

    i didnt always agree with steve, but his takes were always insightful, and frequently humerous….

    the high point of his blogging career was when he put michael steele in blackface….and then got ripped on every rightwing blog for being a racist

    i am sure that none of the wingnuts were aware that steve was an african american (i wasnt when i first started reading his blog) and he made sure not to point this out…and was probably having a good laff during this whole episode

    the blogging community has lost a great and creative voice

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