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Posted by on Dec 13, 2006 in At TMV | 20 comments

David Duke Comments at Donklephant

Yes, that David Duke.

In short, Sean Aqui wrote a post detailing why he was against laws criminalizing the speech of Holocaust deniers. And I agree because laws like these play right into the hands of the deniers by making it appear as if their information is too dangerous to report.

In any event, hop on over when you have time and check out what the former leader of the KKK has to say for himself.

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  • Well. I’m sorry for that racist freaking nazi that he was ‘misquoted’.

    Makes my heart bleed.

  • Mikkel

    So what does David Duke do when he’s secretly reading moderate blogs and a fellow white sepremacist walks in on him? “I was googling for something and this site accidentally came up. I swear, it’s all over the internet these days!”

  • Paul in Austin

    I am reluctantly against restricting free speech for people who promote unpopular opinions.

    However I would like a way to hold us accountable if we lie about verifiable facts. But how to asssign damages?

    I am also concerned about the integrity of the news services. It irks me when Reporters repeat someone’s opinion as if they we unchallenged. I wish there were a requirement to put the opinion into perspecctive.

    This relates to the global warming debate. At what point does opinion pass into accepted fact such as evolution, the world is round, and Bush is a disappointment…

  • An aside:

    What, exactly, does somebody like David Duke do for a living? I mean, it’s not like the classifieds list openings for “unreconstructed bigot.”


  • Holly in Cincinnati

    We don’t have those laws in the USA anyway.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Let’s us “mud people” give DD a great big hug!

  • Kim Ritter

    For those who disclaim voter racism in the South, David Duke got 40% of the vote for a seat in Congress (for a district in Louisiana) as recently as 1990, and received 60% of the white vote. Kinda scary aint it? As much as we complain about the ignorance, arrogance and self-interest of what we’ve got in office now- it could be much, much worse.

  • Elrod

    Wow, the real David Duke was commenting on “Donklephant”? Does he just Google himself and respond when necessary?

    Reminds me of the time I “met” Ian Paisley in a breakfast joint in Northern Ireland. My wife (who is Catholic) didn’t quite appreciate the infamous past of Mr. Paisley.

  • Gray62

    “he was against laws criminalizing the speech of Holocaust deniers”

    I agree in general, but pls understand that Germany and Austria are special cases. The world simply wouldn’t understand if we would simply ignore it when holocaust deniers spread their despicable lies. This would be unacceptable.

  • Krous

    Paranoid schizophrenia generally requires an auditory hallucinated boggy man.

  • Dr Don Key

    I don’t find it problematic that Duke opposes laws criminalizing the speech of Holocaust deniers, as there’s no clear and present danger presented. I’m reminded of the words of Naom Chomsky: “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” Ultra-Zionism has become the new fascism.

  • Dr Don Key

    The bottom line is that organized religion has caused most of the world’s problems. The coolest people I’ve met of any religion, are the ones who rarely or never talk about their religion.

  • Dr Don Key

    pls. disregard duplicate post.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Noam Chomsky is a disgusting specimen of humanity.

  • The world simply wouldn’t understand if we would simply ignore it when holocaust deniers spread their despicable lies. This would be unacceptable.

    Gray62 — I’m not sure I understand fully. Do you mean that it’s a crime to deny the Holocaust because there’s an onus to do so? That the world would otherwise perceive Germany and Austria as tacitly acknowledging the deniers’ bizarre revisionism?

  • vwcat

    He was super wierd on Blitzers program today.
    What do people see in him that are not from the KKK>
    As for the Holocaust, my mother was a girl growing up in france during the war. She would see jewish families be there one day, disappear by the morning.
    Where do these idiots think the pictures come from that were taken during the liberating of the camps? Eisenhower ordered that pictures be taken at every camp because he thought it too horrific for people to believe this could have gone on. He wanted proof.
    At the trials, the Nazi’s never denied it.

  • Krous

    I could never find out if it was six million Jews and “others” killed by the Nazis OR Six million Jews killed by the Nazis and the “others” were not worth counting.

  • Dr Don Key

    response to: (Holly 8:17)

    It’s a free country. What specifically do you dislike about Chomsky? His writings on cognition or politics?

  • Polimom: obviously that is one of the reasons. The other is that Germans are ashamed of what their fellow countrymen did / were responsible for and lastly, I think it’s also an attempt to make sure that people who think like that are not allowed to spread their message effectively (for fear of a new movement like it).

    What’d you say…

  • Kim Ritter

    Maybe they deny it because the truth no longer matters to them-only getting others to believe they don’t have to live with the Holocaust’s direct result (the state of Israel).

    We’ve had plenty of denial of reality in our own country with Bushco, the neocons and Iraq. So we should understand the damage propaganda can do to a free society.

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