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Posted by on Apr 23, 2017 in Journalism, Media, Politics | 0 comments

The Daily Beast announces “Trump free” Sunday mornings: Could it start a (needed) trend?

Daily Beast illustration

WOW. This is such a good idea, it’s worth considering for The Moderate Voice — which is soon to get a redesign that will be better feature non-political stories, among other things. The Daily Beast’s Executive Editor, John Avlon, who is also a contributor to CNN, may have hit upon the most welcome idea in journalism in decades:

Donald Trump’s presidency is the biggest story of our time. But it is not the only story in the world.
While The Daily Beast is committed to holding President Trump accountable as part of the loyal opposition, we also recognize that there is more to life than this president.
We think it’s time to go on a more balanced Donald Diet—call it a Sabbath for sanity. And that’s why we’re going to embark on a new experiment: Trump-free Sunday mornings.
Barring major breaking news, for a few hours each week, we’ll focus our attention on our recurring weekend features like CartelWatch, Bully Pulpit, Cloak and Dagger, Lost Masterpieces, Secret Lives, and Beast Fiction.
We’ll focus on regular weekend Beast writers like Candida Moss, Paul Offit, Stereo Williams, Mimi Sheraton, David Wondrich, Joshua Dubois, Joshua David Stein, and Pete Dexter. And we’ll offer plenty of entertainment and culture coverage to give Beast readers a reason to read this and kick back.
Why not extend our Trump-break to both days of the weekend? The simple fact is that this administration has already proven too fond of Friday night news dumps to credibly promise a Trump-free Saturday.

There is a bit more, so go to the link and read it all.

The Daily Beast is a site that has been getting better and better, with increasingly compelling and diverse reporting and opinion. Here’s yet another move that will make it better: acknowledging that perhaps other important issues, and other features, should dominate a site on at least part of one day (barring breaking news of course).

TMV will think about it.

And if we do it, John Avlon thought of it first…

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