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Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in 2012 Elections, Health, Media, Mental Health, Politics | 3 comments

Cruz Channels Palin, Bachmann and Glenn Beck

Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News

Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News

After nine months in office, Texas’ junior Senator has seized the GOP stage, a perhaps unspectacular feat in light of the party’s leadership vacuum.

What his colleagues have to decide now is whether Ted Cruz is anything more than a loudmouth Pied Piper leading them off the edge of rationality to political irrelevance, a Sarah Palin in pants spouting absurdities, a potentially imminent beneficiary of Congress’ excellent health coverage, physical and mental, like Michele Bachmann.

Is his vowing to speak against Obamacare “until I’m no longer able to stand” a parliamentary move or the work of a premier performance artist?

In these disturbing days, as we all try to navigate our private worlds as best we can, it’s unnerving to be awash in shameless madness to the point of doubting our own sanity in a real world. Why has Ted Cruz been visited on us?

Did we miss Glenn Beck so much that we needed a clone on the Senate floor to compare his doubters to appeasers of Nazi Germany in the 1940s?

At the moment that Cruz is seizing the attention of 24/7 media with all this, Barack Obama is at the United Nations, demonstrating once again America’s good fortune in having a President who, for all his shortcomings, is still learning from experience and trying to keep the nation sane.

GOP “leaders” like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are hiding in the deep Capitol weeds, hoping against hope the Cruz storm will blow over…


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  • sheknows

    Boehner and McConnell aren’t hiding in the weeds. They are carefully gauging the reaction to Cruz by the R voters and their feedback.
    He is pretty popular with them. He has that charisma only the self-absorbed, egocentric, crazy can have. The kind that can get you to a tent and preach the gospel and get their hands on your wallet before you can say “praise the lord”.

    Cruz has the kind of followers that Rush has, and we all know how long Rush has been around. Don’t expect any negative reaction to Ted Cruz from the Republican party, or any official party backlash.
    LOl… IMO, McCain is just one off-his-rockers outspoken R criticizing another.

  • ProWife

    When are the real republicans going to draw the line? The tea party has them under a spell or something. The republicans should let Ted Cruz inherit Ross Perot’s bully pulpit and be done with lt. Maybe the republicans could concentrate on winning over “Regan Democrats” instead of right wing wackos.

  • bluebelle

    Good article, and, I agree. She Knows is absolutely right about Cruz’s appeal. The far right who listen to Rush, Sean, Glenn and Michael Savage would just as soon tear down this country than compromise- so Cruz is their man. While, the sane among us are aghast at his behavior, there are millions of rabid supporters who think that this is exactly what Republicans were sent to Washington to do.

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