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Posted by on Jul 2, 2017 in Media, Poetry, Politics, Women | 0 comments

The ‘Cruelty’ of Trump – Two Takes

In this week’s New York Times Sunday Review, Maureen Dowd calls Trump’s latest sexist escapade part of “cruelty on a Grand Guignol scale” and recounts just a few of this man’s cruel remarks and actions such as his vile “taped boasting about assaulting women and his habit of rating women’s looks on a 1-to-10 scale,” his viciously mocking of a disabled Times reporter, his obsession with bodily fluids, especially women’s “hormonal” ones, etc.

It is almost revolting reading, not because of how it is written, but because of what it tells us about the man we call “our president.”

Dowd concludes:

Of course, since Trump and some of those close to him have such an elastic relationship with the truth, and since some staffers have been known to feed journalists false details just to mess with them, you can never be sure of anything that comes out of this White House.

Except the cruelty.

…and except for the vulgar tweet certainly to be aimed at Maureen Dowd by “our president.”

Talking about presidential tweets, here is what a friend*, a patriot, has to say in poetic form.

He has to fight back — “they” are on the attack
But who’s “out to lunch” — who threw the first punch?

Over 30,000 Trump tweets have been stacked and racked — on people and things he attacked
McCain was no war hero, the endless number of people he called a zero
Multiple times it was “fake news”, loser, dumb, dopey, fool — bully words used in grammar school
So now he’s in a snit, can’t he recognize he started “it”?

As he struts about in an oversized suit with dangling ties, we’re kept busy adding up his lies
We see a buffoon with a comb-over hairstyle and a face painted orange with white rings around his eyes
Can’t this bizarre rich “man-boy” with such thin skin: know that with insults you don’t win?
If he continues to act as the “class clown”, his disapproval ratings won’t go down

The world’s laughing at the USA he does claim, but he’s the laughing stock: it’s at him they aim
His administration is in a shamble: while he on impulsive and insulting tweets does ramble
To get his attention you need to gush compliments: on his yet-to-be “accomplishments”
His contributions to Obama care repeal and replace were zip; he reportedly did know what was in it

So here we have a man well versed in the etiquette of Pro Wrestling and Reality TV
Who’s trying to fit into the serious job of President: but all he can do is think about me, me, and me
He out-sources the job of policy making: so he can focus on “mud-raking”
Don’t bother me with the details — that’s no fun: I’ve got TV to watch and family businesses to run

So, while his Press Office can’t figure out what to say
He is out there mixing it up in a self-promoting publicity fray
He says he needs to fight back — the fake news press in on the attack
But he ignores the fact that it’s he that is “out to lunch”: it’s he that threw the first punch!

* The author is a Viet Nam combat veteran who was assigned to White House duties in the 70’s during the Nixon and Ford years and later travelled to and marketed US products throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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