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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Economy, Politics | 6 comments

Conservative Republicans See Political Conspiracy in New Positive Jobs Report Numbers

As I noted in my post yesterday, the once unthinkable political attitude that if information normally considered politically neutral comes out and it’s not good to your side you immediately charge (without evidence) a political conspiracy and immediately spread (without evidence) a new political narrative has struck again.

First, it was Republicans including Republican talkers, one-time thoughtful conservative weblogs and Fox News’ professional ideologues following (as usual) Rush Limbaugh’s charge that positive poll numbers were a seeming conspiracy between pollsters and the liberal news media (which included Fox News because its pollsters agreed with the other pools) to obscure Mitt Romney being ahead and suppress the Republican vote.

However, when snap polls came out showing Romney won the debate against a hapless and poorly prepared Barack Obama, somehow these polls were being touted by GOPers — since apparently they can only be trusted if they show Romney ahead. And what about coming days? When (if expected) Romney gains, will there be a peep about the evil media and pollsters? Just guess.

And now we have the case of the jobs report with unemployment being under 8 percent. And — to quote a conservative Republican who probably would have not made it through the Republican primaries this year — “here we go again.” has the details:

At the root of a lot of this is not just politics. It’s a deep hatred of Obama, which makes some GOPers to go off the deep end seem as if they have…issues..with those of us who are independent voters (like yours truly who was a Democrat who voted for Ronald Reagan and a Republican).

The song below is one that with a few minor changes in lyrics, could be sung by those want so much to see Obama’s concession speech that due to their political obsession they promote batty conspiracy theories and seemingly reveal their personal issues when it comes to Obama:

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  • ordinarysparrow

    But Joe, these guys only want the truth…
    Can you remember who said this one?

    ” The one thing we cannot deal with are lies, lies are impossible to deal with. Please someone tell us the truth. The truth has a very powerful way of coming out, so lets get it out. But clearly that was not the road we were on.”

  • dduck

    It’s the film, the film.
    Just kidding, of course no one cooked the books, although Obama looked so tired and distracted that late night cooking is possible combined with, as Al Gore put it the high altitude. (smiley)

  • Dabb

    Fact checkers….polls….jobs reports

    They are only good if they lean right.

  • zephyr

    It’s bad enough we have a populace so susceptible to partisan mob psychology, worse yet that we have people on high soap boxes spurring them along. The Obama hatred is pretty out of control imo. It reminds me quite a bit of the Hillary hatred that was so widespread when WJC was president. It must be hard to think straight when your head is whirling with BS and anger.

  • dduck

    Have you read what folks here on TMV think of Mitt?

  • mamamia

    The peons may hate Obama but the talking heads are mostly concerned about this election slipping away and are not just grabbing at life jackets, but pulling boards off the lifeboats to stay afloat.

    Absolutely no concern about how this will affect future campaigns when the numbers favorably affect the now losing side will interfere with their maddened rush to try and stop the tide about to overwhelm them. The more intelligent GOP leaders can only stand by helplessly while the fools keep throwing more water on the sinking ship.

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