Note about the fight between Congress and the President over tax hikes and spending cuts:

While I am almost certainly going to be accused of “supporting Obama” on this, I would prefer people take my word because I have said this over and over and over again for more than 15 years including multiple times on my blog and about multiple Presidents and Congresses:

When Congress picks a fight with the President, no matter who the President or who leads the Congress, the President usually wins in the public eye.

Prediction: if the President plays chicken on this tax and spending issue and doesn’t flinch, he wins one way or the other politically.

Dean Esmay, Guest Voice Columnist
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3 years 9 months ago
Grover Norquist continues to make a big deal over the difference between revenues that come from tax increases and those that come from economic growth. But isn’t this just a continuation of the voodoo economic theory of trickle down economics? Now-a-days, large companies are going to use the extra revenues in their coffers to invest in moving production to India, China, or anywhere that the present economic system, allows them to use slave labor, in order to produce even more, and cheaper, products—not just to invest in growing their businesses at home! It seems a bit Ironic when you consider… Read more »