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Posted by on Jun 22, 2007 in Politics | 0 comments

Confirmation Requested


If you’ve indicated in the comments section of earlier posts, here or at Central Sanity, that you’d like to sign “The Letter” — as either a Republican or Independent voter — I need to confirm several things, namely …

Your First and Last Name
Your Email Address (or Mailing Address)
Your City and State

I did a check on the various comments and e-mails received, so far, and while I can identify (or recall) eight or more who have indicated at least preliminary interest in signing, I only have five for which I have the information noted above. They include: Dennis Sanders, Patrick Joubert Conlon, Erik Sledd, Stuart Chase, and me.

So if you’re serious about helping out — about returning the GOP to a more moderate and viable force in American politics and/or making sure our leaders consistently seek and find the productive center of moderate politics, driven there by at least two vibrant, distinct, and willing-to-collaborate parties — please provide the above-noted information by emailing me directly at: [email protected].

Two other notes, in conclusion:

1. Yes, I’ve opened up the potential signing universe to Independents, as well as Republicans

2. My goal remains 100 minimum signatures, before distributing the letter, and I honestly believe we’re on the verge of opening up that spigot, very soon.

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