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Posted by on Mar 6, 2008 in At TMV | 3 comments

Common Cause, Washington Monthly Explore Partnership

Jeffrey Birnbaum of the Washington Post writes that these two liberal institutions are considering some kind of merger. Common Cause has a subscriber list that the Washington Monthly might use to build subscribers. And the Washington Monthly is a well regarded liberal institution that can add voice to the mission of Common Cause.

I am posting on this because it highlights one of my pet peeves that groups with similar missions don’t merge and take advantage of synergies to expand the leverage of their resources. Why do folks like me who support “Campaign Reform” have to chose which of a score of similar groups will get my donations? Why am I asked to help pay for dozens of leases, phones, ISPs, fund raising drives,etc?

I am sure that “control” has much to do with this. But I wish that the leaders of each group would have more commitment to the realization of their shared missions than to the aggrandizement of their egos.

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