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Posted by on Feb 11, 2010 in Economy, Politics | 12 comments

Comment for the Day

Greg Sargent takes a closer look at President Obama’s Bloomberg-interview remarks about the bonuses paid to Goldman’s and JPMorgan’s CEOs, conceding that what the President said is probably “a bit more nuanced than” the simplistic reaction of certain pundits.

Going a step further, the first commenter on Sargent’s post writes

[Oh] for god’s sake. Is he supposed to yell “kill all the banksters?” The quote is typical ‘x is not incarnate evil, but we need to do y’ is it really that hard to pay attention to a sentence that has 2 parts to it? Shame on Krugman too for going with the selective quote instead of the whole thing. Yes from this interview one really knows Obama wants to give Wall Street everything and he doesn’t get it. Jesus on a crutch reading comprehension people!


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