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Posted by on Jun 6, 2006 in At TMV | 5 comments

Color Me Blind (Student Film)

With various talk show radio hosts suggesting that universities are monolithic in thought and political perspective, it’s instructive to point readers to this delightful student film “Color Me Blind.”

It’s by college student Will Drinker, who has done many fine films (and is probably destined for some great things when he leaves college). The setting: a college where a group of activists don’t see eye to eye with their latest group member — who they want to showcase as much as they can, their way.

This film won a slew of awards:
Best Editing Latent Image Film Festival 2005
2nd Place Campus Movie Fest 2005 Finalist
Official Selection Woods Hole Film Festival
Official Selection Orinda Film Festival
Official Selection Westwood International Film Festival

FOOTNOTE: I began corresponding with Drinker some years ago when he joined a ventriloquism email list. He dropped off it, but I kept in touch and learned about his passion for film making.

This short film “Color Me Blind” showcases some great young actors and features great timing, great directing and great editing — and a definite message so watch it from beginning to end. One day you’ll be paying to see the work of some of these folks in theaters.

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  • Elrod

    Brilliant, on many levels.

  • Noone Really

    That was fantastic!

  • Somebody finally Got It! Amazing!

  • Todd

    I’ve got Flash 8,0,24,0 installed in both Firefox and IE, and I only see a blank white space where the movie should be. Anyone able to help me?

  • It actually struck me as heavy-handed. We must accept that all of these students are so blind to themselves that they can act in this manner. And yet the writers of the piece see what’s going on. The audience sees it. Everyone sees it except for the people in the group – and Caroline. College kids are not usually this stupid about issues they care about. I realize some of this must go on, since college students wrote it. They are trying to convey something they see. But in the end it strikes me as something that older people would write about college life.

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