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Posted by on Jul 5, 2009 in Media, Science & Technology | 3 comments

CollegeHumor Hit: Web Site Story

I suggest you watch full screen…

Web Site Story is a beautifully shot & acted, wonderfully witty parody of West Side Story that’s burning up the internets. It was written and directed by Sam Reich for CollegeHumor. On his blog Sam says it’s a tribute to his three big loves — film, theater, and the internet:

Jeff Rubin, king of puns, thought of the title. The opening Google Maps shots are analogous with the rooftop shots that open the “West Side Story” movie. ”The Skateboard Escape” from Back to the Future is actually on Hulu. eHarmony recently opened up a sister site for gays called Compatible Partners, but still refuses to accept gays into eHarmony because of its Christian backing.

The music was done by Carl Sondrol, who had legit trumpeters visit his Chicago recording studio, while the singing was recorded here in New York by Morgan Whirledge. In most cases, it’s the actual actors doing the singing.

All the interiors were shot in studio and all the exteriors on very cold rooftops in Williamsburg. ”The Net Song” was done using a rotating platform that Vince and our PM Bennett thought of day-of. ”Twitter” and “Pandora” were choreographed by Celia Rowlson-Hall.

The last scene, “Evite,” was shot until 6am. We used a scissor lift to get those epic crane shots. Around 4am, Bennett said “I wanted to go home, but then I saw the shot, and now I don’t care how long we’re here.”

Bravo all around!!!

Via The Bilerica Project:

Most notable, perhaps, is the “America” parody. While two girls sing about their excitement over eHarmony, five gay theater guys give the discriminatory site a delightful verbal spank.

Bonus hit: Introducing Bing. The Better Way To Google.

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