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Posted by on Feb 3, 2010 in Breaking News, Politics, Society, War | 2 comments

Colin Powell Says He Supports Repeal of DADT

From TPMLiveWire:

Ret. Gen. Colin Powell, who helped instituted the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in the 1990s, now supports the efforts to repeal it.

Powell, who was chairman of the joint chiefs when the military’s policy toward gay servicemembers was instituted, said “I fully support the new approach” in a statement today.

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  • oaechief

    F_T And you spent how many years in the military?

    When I see the Chairman of the JCS, I see someone who is a leader. I mean he sure sounds like a leader. He reminds me of Admiral Zumwalt when Adm. Zumwalt was the Chief of Naval Operations in that he is willing to try ideas that may not be popular in some circles but is convinced that those ideas are right for the time.
    I see no reason to discharge a service member because of his sexual orientation. The private life has nothing to do with the job. And a lot of highly trained people have been wrongly discharged because of some unjustified, irrational homophobic fears.

  • oaechief

    What are your reasons for that belief?

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