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Posted by on Jun 18, 2007 in At TMV | 7 comments

Clinton Double Digit Lead over Obama

A USA Today poll has found that Hillary Clinton has established a comfortable lead over Barack Obama. If former Vice President Al Gore is included in the poll, Clinton leads Obama 33%-21%. If Gore is excluded she leads with 39%-26%.

Furthermore, “if the Democratic contest came down to Clinton or Obama, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents chose Clinton, 53%-42%.”

The results for the GOP (candidates):

Giuliani leads the field at 28%, down 4 points from two weeks earlier. Thompson is second at 19%, up 8 points. McCain is at 18%, 1 point lower. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is fourth at 7%, down 5 points.

Interestingly enough, “if the GOP contest came down to Giuliani or Thompson, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents chose Giuliani, 53%-41%.”

At the moment Thompson formally announces his candidacy, he is expected to rise in the polls, at least for a short amount of time.

I expected Romney to have risen in the polls – he did well in the last Republican debate. He defends his positions well, and he is – of course – the #1 Republican fundraiser.

One thing everybody should remember: this is a nationwide poll. Nationwide polls are less important than state polls. It is all about individual states right now, and in the most important states, Romney does great – he leads both in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Regarding the Democratic nomination, I think that Hillary Clinton will win, possible even quite easily. The GOP race is, in that regard, far more exciting. As far as I am concerned, three people can win it: Romney, Giuliani and Thompson.

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  • Lynx

    Republicans must be thrilled. Trust Democrats to choose the candidate that will most energize the base….of the OTHER party.

    First time I’ve ever thought I could be HAPPY, not just resigned, to a candidate, but no, since her last name is Clinton it goes without saying that she MUST be the candidate. I swear if she gets the ticket and so does Giuliani I just might cross the aisle.

  • Sam

    Me too. How can anyone seriously vote to keep this pseudo-monarchy style election process going? Is the process that broken we elect the quarterback’s girlfriend just because?

  • pacatrue

    Hmm… Bush and Clinton famililies as President potentially from 1988 to 2016. Now, that’s a robust democracy for you. Maybe Jeb can follow and the U.S. can really show itself off as a model. What’s Chelsea up to? Chelsea in 2024. I’m going to go print a bumper sticker now. Save the money on inflation.

  • Sam

    I think a proper royal wedding between Chelsea and Jeb Bush Jr. would be a smart match politically. It would ensure the line of succession and unite true christians against those child fornicating papists.

  • Elrod

    I still think polls are vastly inflating Clinton’s numbers. Name recognition puts her over others in the Democratic field. It’s also quite early, as Obama keeps picking up supporters and funders. Clinton has the advantage as the establishment candidate. Obama might just be the Bill Bradley to her Al Gore. But Obama has more staying power in the long run, I believe.

  • mikkel

    It’d help if, you know, Obama’s campaign stopped trying to ruin his message. This is like the third thing he’s had to yell at them for. If he’s elected I hope he has better judgment in his appointments.

    I have yet to really meet anyone that’s given an impassioned defense of Clinton. I’m amazed she’s leading at all.

  • Pyst

    “I expected Romney to have risen in the polls – he did well in the last Republican debate. He defends his positions well, and he is – of course – the #1 Republican fundraiser.”

    Because even the GOP voters can see how fake, and plastic he is. His explinations for his flip flops are tanking, and he’s nothing more than retread talking points which even the GOP voters now can’t stomach a minute more….thats why even his money won’t fix him in the voters eyes.

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