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Posted by on Dec 25, 2015 in Society | 7 comments




Well Christmas is over.  I spent it this year with my younger brother who now lives with me, better than the previous 2 years when I spent it alone,  When I was growing up Christmas was a huge family extravaganza. Dozens of relatives and much joy.  I didn’t even hear from my sister today although I did hear from a cousin and an old friend who is Jewish.  When I worked for the DIA in Germany I missed several family Christmases and ditto for the time I worked for NEC in Japan. I may have been far from my family but always close to my friends there.  The picture here is a few years after my father died but a few years before my mother passed away.  Perhaps the last time we had anything close to a family Christmas – it was in 2005.  It’s still early here on the left coast but is bone chilling cold and I’m ready to crawl into bed with my book and get under my down comforter which is the warmest place in the house.

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  • KP

    Merry Christmas, boss.

    You are quite handsome without the beard!

    • KP

      And beards are cool too 🙂

    • Kevin, I have had a beard for much of my adult life. I first grew it after I left the Defense Intelligence Agency in the mid 70s. I shaved it off in the mid 80s and still remember my youngest son crying – he had never seen me without a beard. I grew it back shortly there after. I had to cut it off again in the 90s when I became a high flying executive of a medical device company. I grew it back again when my company and job moved to Asia.
      It can be a pain. For some reason the left side grows faster than the right which requires frequent maintenance.

      • KP

        As you know, the body is seldom symmetrical. One ear may be higher, one boob may be bigger, one hangs lower, one foot longer is longer, one side grows faster 🙂

        • Yes I know. My left eye is much stronger than my right eye although that may because I had shingles on the right side when I was in my late teens. My left arm on the other hand is all but useless and there primarily to give my body the appearance of being symmetrical. My right leg is much stronger than the left.

          • KP

            I am considering donating to Science Care in SoCal.

            Unlike most of the university systems they will take anybody (any body 😉 no matter the cause of death.

            From personal experience, students feel a heartfelt appreciation.

            I am in no hurry … but heck, when your gone your gone.

            “Gone … gone like a freight train … gone like yesterday … gone like civil war soldier bang bang … gone like 69 Cadillac that’s never coming back”.

            Gone …

            Might as well help out, nomesane?

  • Hope you got warm and cosy. A belated Happy Christmas to you too 🙂

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