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Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Business, Food, Health, Society | 2 comments


shutterstock_128886254I must admit that I have never eaten Chipolte and I’m not likely to do so now.

The CDC is investigating another E. coli outbreak that could be linked to Chipotle

Chipolte’s intentions were good, using fresh locally grown products but good intentions are often fraught with dangers.  I much prefer my local Mexican Restaurant which has thrived for over 3 decades.  It is one restaurant not a chain and they have wonderful food.  Their pulled pork enchiladas are the best and they make one great tamale. .  And what’s Mexican food without a great Margarita and they make one of the best. I try to support local restaurants when ever I can.

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  • I ate at Taco Bell and made a run for the border. I ate at Chipolte and made a run for the bathroom.
    Actually I LIKE Chipolte and live very close to one. My neighbors downstairs are gluten free and have all kinds of allergies and find Chipolte is actually a good place for them and their kids. I’m getting them a Chipolte gift certificate. The danger in using locally produced veggies, meats, etc is that there’s a chance the quality control may not be optimal. McDonald’s must be smiling; Chiplote had sliced into their business which forced McDs to make some changes (and now their business is on the upswing)

  • Slamfu

    I think Chioptle gets a bad wrap. They are a chain fast food restaurant and in that category they are upper tier. You want to compare them to a real Mexican joint you are comparing apples and oranges in my opinion. But for what they are, they are pretty solid. It really is bad about the e.coli, and I think sometimes locally grown organic stuff is a bit overblown. Like a lot of things it comes with it’s own issues, especially getting large volumes of stuff with consistent quality and making a consistent supply chain out of it. But they try, and largely I think the succeed.

    Heh heh, bad wrap. I just got that….

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