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Posted by on Apr 13, 2013 in Environment, International | 3 comments

China Confirms Their Warming is Human Caused

China Confirms Their Warming is Human Caused (via Climate Central)

By Tim Radford, Climate News Network LONDON — Chinese scientists have just confirmed that greenhouse gas emissions have sent the thermometer soaring in one country — China. This is, they say, the first study to directly link warmer daily minimum and maximum temperatures with climate change in…

  • KP

    Sounds like Zhang and his co-author, Qiuzi Han Wen, have devoted some time to their piece.

  • zephyr

    The time for legitimate skepticism has been over for quite some time now. This doesn’t mean the usual suspects won’t continue dragging their feet but they are rapidly becoming irrelevant. The big questions have yet to be answered: What will we do about it? What will the price be? What will the price be if we don’t do enough?

  • dduck

    Old Chinese proverb: . you’re killing us.

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