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Posted by on Apr 11, 2006 in At TMV | 6 comments

Cheney Booed At Baseball Game

Vice President Dick Cheney threw out the first pitch Tuesday at today’s Washington Nationals’ home opener and something immediately happened.

No, ballplayers closeby didn’t cover their faces.

He had a ball in his hand, not a gun…

Apparently some crowd members made it clear they don’t love the Veep, bigtime, and he should “go Cheney himself” (a expletive substituted expression that gained popularity due to an incident on the Senate floor two years ago). The AP:

Greeted with loud boos and some cheers, Vice President Dick Cheney threw out the ceremonial first pitch Tuesday at the Washington Nationals’ home opener.

Watch the video via Crooks & Liars.

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  • Mr. Moderate

    I’m no fan of this Administration, as regular commentators here know. I’m an even smaller fan of Dick Cheney. But to be honest, watching the video, I felt bad for the guy.

  • Pyst

    I didn’t.

  • Barrymore

    Neither did I. It’s probably the only dose of reality the bastard’s had in the last six years.

  • kitebro

    Feel bad for Cheney? Impossible! He’s on the list with O.J. and Manson and Bundy and Hitler and Saddam and…

  • Rudi

    Seen coverage on Fox News tonight and they put their spin on the VP, no mention of the booing. His aim with a baseball is as bad as with a shotgun, he tossed the ball into the dirt in front of the plate. Better he’s at the National’s game than planning the latest attack agianst Iran.

  • Badjik

    You should feel bad for the people of DC NOT Dick Cheney; DC residents lack voting representation in Congress despite paying federal taxes and serving in the armed forces…so it is not surprising that they express their feelings in this way — what other means do they have. And besides, just heard Cheney’s stock in Haliburton went from $33 in 2001 to over $77 today–an increase worth about $40 million to the old VP…you think he cares about the DC residents who struggle to get by and aren’t even afforded basic democratic rights…I DON’T THINK SO…It seems bringing attention to the plight of people of DC would be a better result than feeling bad for Cheney.

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