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Posted by on May 29, 2007 in Uncategorized | 10 comments

Center of Attention


A round up of recent reporting and commentary by a few centrist, moderate, and independent bloggers.

Dick Polman recaps the President’s Memorial Day greetings since 2004, interspersed with a few (important) comments from others.

While Michael J. Totten thinks negotiation with Syria is a lost cause … Mohammad Jamal believes “bold and imaginative diplomacy” could succeed with Iran.

McQ examines Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s final step in shutting down of the country’s “oldest TV station.”

Dave Schuler is looking for informed comments on alternatives for reducing carbon emissions.

Daniel DiRito spotlights a BBC series on atheism. This link takes you to the second installement of his series of posts, which in turn links to the first installment, where Daniel offers his thoughts on the series, as well as “the objections that were voiced when PBS decided to air the documentary on American television.”

GTL comments on Cindy Sheehan’s epiphany and reluctantly informs us of the whereabouts of two of the blog’s popular past contributors.

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