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Posted by on Mar 18, 2007 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Center of Attention


A round up of recent reporting and commentary by a few centrist, moderate, and independent bloggers.

At The Gun Toting Liberal, Alexander Paul Melonas makes “a plea for animal rights.” (Reasonable people should be concerned about animal welfare, although from personal experience, this editor warns readers to be skeptical of the claims of PETA, an extremist organization known to manipulate facts to fit its agenda.)

At Winds of Change, Armed Liberal takes exception to Matt Yglesias’ interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

Nancy Hanks gives independent voters a lot to think about, including the “political re-orientation” of Senator Hagel, and the results of her poll question: “How should independents participate in the 2008 Presidential campaign?

David Schraub doubts that Palestine’s “unity government” is really a sign of progress.

At Stubborn Facts, Simon agrees with New York City labor activist Michael Letwin that the war in Iraq belongs as much to the D’s as the R’s.

Dennis Sanders offers his take on “why the Gonzales affair matters.

Munaeem’s Blog excerpts Arab writer Tarek Heggy who expresses “profound disagreement” with those who “do not recognize Israel’s right to exist in the first place, and whose ultimate aim is its destruction” — and advocates a final, five-point settlement that “was previously known as the Saudi initiative.”

Orlando Machete spotlights a story that should be receiving more attention, but seems to have been largely (and unfortunately) ignored.

At AmbivaBlog, Amba joins the growing chorus of voices protesting Fred Thompson’s slap at Gandhi.

Finally, Shay and Andrew Sullivan offer their respective “quotes of the day” (from yesterday).

[Editor’s Note: If you’re a centrist, moderate, or independent blogger who would like to occasionally be featured on Center of Attention, email me on Saturdays and Mondays at [email protected] — or try TMV Assistant Editor Michael van der Galien on other days of the week at [email protected] We can’t promise that every post will make the cut, but we’ll do our very best. Thanks.]

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