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Posted by on Mar 5, 2007 in At TMV | 0 comments

Center of Attention


A round up of recent reporting and commentary by a few centrist, moderate, and independent bloggers.

Brad DeLong on the price of oil. Better: a tax on oil.

America is suffering from “fiscal cancer” according to David Walker. Read Jeremy Dibbell’s post.

Ron Beas: Who needs to govern when you can pillage? A reaction to the headline at WaPo stating “It’s not just Walter Reed”.

Patrick Porter links to an interesting read: the Iraqi Perspectives Report. It’s, as Patrick notes, “a fascinating study of how the regime fell prey to its own distorted world view.”

Jon Swift on the reaction of many conservatives to Ann Coulter’s ‘faggot’ remark. He concludes: “Of course, every conservative is aghast when Ann Coulter’s jokes go wrong. To think they represent anything more than that is really going overboard. It was just a joke, after all, a joke gone horribly wrong perhaps, but not a career-killing joke like the one John Kerry made. Television bookings will probably slow for a while, but I’m sure they will pick up again once this little tempest has died down. Soon we’ll be laughing at Coulter’s delightful witticisms again–until the next time she says something reprehensible. In fact, just to be prepared ahead of time I’m going to write my piece condemning Coulter’s remarks at 2008’s CPAC right now so that I can post it as quickly as possible when it happens again next year.”

And lastly, an older post, but I wanted to draw attention to it nonetheless. Donald Douglas quit blogging and explained why. Some if not all, of the thoughts he mentions go through the minds of every single blogger every now and then. Is it worth it? Readers often have no idea how much time and energy it takes to write something every day, a couple of times per day.

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