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Expat Teacher gets us started today by thinking ahead to the time when any one of the leading (read: debate-participating) Democratic contendors for the White House might actually be in the White House, and then asking himself: “What type of Presidency could I expect from this person?” Granted his answers are only one man’s views, and I agreed with some of them while disagreeing with others, but he definitely succeeded in prompting me to go back and challenge some of my assumptions. And that (I think) remains one of the very first and most critical steps in our individual searches for balance.

A reader takes on Andrew Sullivan for his persistent Hillary bashing.

Richard Eskow defends Obama’s position and challenges Ezra Klein’s argument on health coverage mandates.

Although he’s no fan of the GOP, Steve Benen decides it’s time to defend Mike Huckabee against the “You’re not Reagan” attacks of Mitt Romney. Very entertaining. At least I thought so.

Continuing his quest for the title of “Conservative-Not-Neocon of the Year,” Rick Moran cautions against “overselling” recent successes in Iraq.


Editor’s Note: There were a dozen more posts I had hoped to include in today’s round up. Unfortunately, other demands interfered. Stay tuned for a longer list, hopefully, next week.

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  • DLS

    Klein is upset because his vision of universality (actually, more important is the collectivism inherent in this, with an accompanying specter of egalitarianism) cannot be achieved without coercion. This is nothing new or surprising.

  • DLS

    Keep your eyes on Baby Huey. He’s wrecked relations with Colombia now, and is all but guaranteeing the next set of “reforms” he seeks will commence. Who knows what he’ll do next; after all, CNN (Clinton News Network) wants him assassinated, if you believe Baby Huey. (You lefties can cheer Chavez foolishly all you want; I’ll happily gaze at Maria Consuelo Araujo as long as I wish.)

    Also note China’s tweaking of the US and its Navy recently.

    Also, AMR is getting rid of American’s puddle-jumper feeder (regional) service, American Eagle. May that also happen with other airlines?

    Annapolis: For those who want entertainment, begin with this “overly optimistic” writeup (note the title), and the reader remarks.

  • domajot

    Rick Moran’s article was extremely good. It’s the kind of reminderabout he complexities of Iraq atat are much needed, now that the success of the surge is the top story line. Afghan has been nearly forgotten, and sometimes it looks like Iraq is in danger of being forgotten, as well.All we hear about is a very simplistic account of Anbar province.

  • Rudi

    DLS – You need more RWNH(Rick Moran) and less Rush Limpbaugh. I would read more Wingnuts if they showed the reason of Moran. His piece could be on a reasoned Lefty blog, his blogs name is great irony.

  • domajot

    The reader’s comment to Andrew Sullivan spoke to something real about Hillary bashing.

    If she laughs, she’s covering up something.
    If she fails to laugh, she is a sterm authoritarian.
    And so on.

    Finding something nasty to explain her every word and every move is reaching the frenzy levels of 9/11 conspiracy theorists. It’s so pervasice that I’m tempted to wonder if there is not a conspiracy behind this phenomenon.

    IWhen one candidate can be treated like this, then no candidate is safe. And we wander why politicians run to the private sector! Why would any sane person want to subject themselves to this sort of shark feeding frenzy?

    There is so much talk about the lack of leadership.
    We may be driving the potentially best leaders into hiding.

    I’m not a hillary fan, BTW. I’m just apalled at the way she is being singled out for targeting.

  • DLS

    DLS – You need more RWNH(Rick Moran) and less Rush Limpbaugh.

    I could respond in several paragraphs, but will merely advise you here not to make similar mistakes often. I not only avoid the righty talk radio and listen to NPR and its smarmy female, pink-tutu-male misconduct frequently instead, but I have consulted more lefty sources than possibly anybody else on this site. It is I, not the many lefties on this “moderate” [sic] site, who have discussed proportional representation the most and referred readers to “progressive” Professor Amy’s “P.R. Library” site, for example. More than enough said.

  • Rudi

    DLS – (LOL) Consulting and reading haven’t swayed you. Maybe a little Newshoggs and links could help the problem…

  • DLS

    Consulting and reading haven’t swayed you


    Who says the lefty sources are always correct?