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Posted by on Sep 13, 2007 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Center of Attention


A round up of recent posts by various bloggers who either attempt to strike a balanced note on heated debates and controversial issues, or improve our ability to find our own sense of balance by exposing us to new information and different points-of-view.


NOTE: Today’s round up is severely abbreviated due to a tougher-than-usual “crunch time” at the compiler’s day job.


Based on a very quick scan of TMV posts yesterday and today, it appears we might have missed this one: A survey on Americans’ knowledge of the rights protected by the First Amendment. If any of my colleagues did post on this topic, and I missed it, I apologize for the duplication. Regardless, Elyas Bakhtiari summarizes the findings. Scary stuff.

Steve Benen wrestles with the paradox of why Hillary, the most hawkish of the Democratic contenders for the White House, is also the most popular of the candidates among the MoveOn crowd.

Meanwhile, Sean Aqui pens an excellent round up on what the health care reform debate is about … and what it’s not about.

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