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Posted by on Nov 16, 2007 in Media | 3 comments

CBS’ Katie Couric Makes Fun Of Dan Rather

You Tube has the gem below of CBS anchor Katie Couric making fun of a video on You Tube that showed Dan Rather fussing with his overcoat. Couric & Co seem to be having fun and in great spirits (and she’s as likeable on the video as on camera):

And here’s the (in)famous Rather video:

When you watch this, you now realize what it meant that Rather was the (micro) Managing Editor of his newscast…

See our related post on Bob Schieffer HERE.

UPDATE: In the interest of total accuracy, the Dan Rather video above that is offered on You Tube was not created by You Tube but by comedian Harry Shearer for My Damn Channel.

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  • Couric being serious: “Should I unbutton it? Does that look weird?” She’s doing the same thing as Rather, so why did he “deserve” to be mocked?

    Because he was the last real liberal with any power in TV news. He would report evenly, instead of giving preferential treatment to people who would lower her taxes. The bastard.

    This just illustrates how much of a right-wing, plutocratic circle jerk our media elites live in.

    And what’s with her calling herself a “tart”?

    Oh, and of course, to Joe, Couric is “likeable,” while Rather is “fussing.” They were doing the same thing, but one’s “in” and the other’s “out,” so it doesn’t matter that the “in” one is calling herself a tart and making fun of people. Sheesh.

  • Pyst

    Did he take the last doughnut at the office one morning and you not get one Joe?

    Couric is nothing more than a useless newsreader, and her own stories suck.

    I’ll take 100 Dan Rathers over 1 Couric, atleast I’d get news.

  • DLS

    An old liberal icon (who was among those at the forefront of self-discrediting the media with blatant political bias) has been replaced by a new, fluffier icon. Oh, well.

    Meanwhile, who is responsible for the push polling in New Hampshire that is anti-Romney and pro-McCain? Giuliani has hired the polling firm before.

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