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Posted by on Apr 13, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Politics | 8 comments

CBS Colbert: Blow to Wingnuttery (Cartoon)

Bill Day, Cagle Cartoons

Bill Day, Cagle Cartoons

This copyrighted cartoon is licensed to run on TMV. Unauthorized reproduction without licensing from Cagle Cartoons is strictly prohibited.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist


    Notice Limbaugh’s watch running ass-backwards?

  • Limbaugh, of course, is an idiot, but I can see where conservatives are frustrated. They have been successful in exerting greater influence over the broadcast and cable news departments but are losing out at late night (probably because of the younger audience the networks are seeking at those times).

    Conservative influence in the late night talk shows is already reduced with Leno leaving. Colbert is the replacement of one liberal than another. While we don’t know for sure whether Colbert will be as overt on a new network show, I can see conservatives fearing Colbert will be more political than Letterman. It is amusing to see conservatives suddenly regretting the loss of Letterman, who they have never particularly liked.

  • JSpencer

    Good catch Dorian. 😉

    Right you are Ron, Letterman was never a darling of the right. It will be interesting to see how much Colbert tones down his rhetoric.

  • sheknows

    I don’t think the Republicans like ANY comedic talk shows.
    Their inept and ridiculous statements and actions supply pretty much all of the material for political humor these days.

    Their own audience is not the 20-50 crowd, and certainly not cosmopolitan by any stretch, so naturally they will be concerned. I bet even Sara Palin calls this new show “liberal media”. LOL

  • They did try a comedy/satire show on Fox “News” Channel in 2007 with a conservative tilt. It did not last long.

  • SteveK

    I don’t know I think Republicans are funny all the time… It’s just not “ha ha” funny or the kind of funny that sells waterbeds or whatever it is they sell on late night TV.

  • dduck

    I watch Bill Maher every friday, andI sometimes find a laugh or two, especially when he practically gets apoplectic over Reps latest.

    Love Colbert, no matter what his political bent, because he is slighly off, as am I.

    (Sorry, if I disturbed some folks image of Reps.)

  • You can’t be funny and angry at the same time. Not a lot of humor in the persecution complex.

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