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Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Breaking News, Society | 10 comments

Casey Anthony Verdict: Not Guilty of Murder/Manslaughter

She was found guilty of providing false information to law enforcement officers but was found not guilty on the key murder, manslaughter and child abuse charges.

Sentencing will be Thursday

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  • The prosecution proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Casey Anthony was a sociopath and serial liar. They proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the Anthony family is dysfunctional. They presented evidence that might indicate Caylee Anthony was murdered. What they did not present was any evidence that Casey killed Caylee.
    I find Casey to be a horrible person – I think there is a possibility she killed her daughter. But a possibility does not equal beyond a shadow of doubt. I applaud the jury for making the right decision based on the case presented by the prosecutors.

  • DLS

    This was easy to understand. Casey wasn’t proven to have killed Caylee. The prosecution never could nor did tell how Caylee was killed. Especially if a murderer is to be killed as punishment, the murder must be proven(!). What happened? We’ve not been told.

    (It’s irrelevant if the defense “theory” and strategy were bizarre.)

  • One of those rare times we agree DLS. Considering the evidence, or lack there of, the prosecution had murder 1 was shooting the moon and they lost. You have to wonder if they could have gotten a manslaughter charge.
    Especially if a murderer is to be killed as punishment, the murder must be proven(!)“.
    They jury could have convicted her it still decided against the death penalty so they apparently thought there was not even enough evidence to put someone in their mid 20s in jail for 30 years.

  • DLS

    I’m glad we can agree sometimes, Ron.

    Manslaughter, even? Maybe not even that — there was no explanation with evidence or proof of how Caylee had died.

    (Certainly having the little girl in bag[s] dumped in a field makes somebody look awfully suspicious.)

    While a captive audience before a TV last night, before the latest Tour de France stage began to be re-broadcast, I scanned the political stations (MSNBC, CNN, and Fox stations) and everyone was noting that the prosecution as well as the defense really had come up short. The burden of proof is on the prosecution and it failed here.

    One thing I did note was the appearance of a psychologist (the Anthony trial coverage was nearly 100% tabloid) who said Casey could have been experiencing mania as a reaction to losing her daughter (adding to the drowned-in-the-pool defense). I say the mania was a one-time event triggered by her being free of her daughter, perfectly consistent with someone who is self-centered beyond being self-absorbed (narcissistic) to arguably being psycopathological. (Or it’s just a lesser case, “merely” self-absorbed, with a dearth of ethics or morality.)


    (Note that any murder or other charge involving someone killing someone else requires proof, which includes how the victim died. I didn’t mean that only death penalty cases are subject to such requirements, only that it’s obviously especially important when the penalty if convicted is death.)

  • DLS

    I wish to add one small additional note:

    Jose Baez looks like the (genetic) cross of Al Gore and Hugo Chavez.


    Bonus: Now maybe Casey Anthony and O. J. Simpson do a book?

  • DLS
    I think we can also agree that this was tabloid journalism that simply gave the cable tabloid networks an excuse not to cover the real news. I can’t really fault them – few would tune into real news and after all they are in the business of making money and I don’t have a problem with that, I simply refuse to watch it. I’m sure that all the cable networks are praying for another missing young blond as we speak.

  • DLS

    Sometimes it is possible to confuse CNN with HLN (particularly when a number of people appear on shows on both of these sources).

    I’ve never been a fan of television since at least the 1980s. “Too much junk on it.” There are some interesting and good things to find on it, on rare occasions, if one looks. (I almost never look!)

    Sports programming is as bad as tabloid stuff (often as crass or tawdry, whichever you encounter), but I’ve enjoyed seeing the Tour de France on Versus for three years now. (I’m able on a rare occasion to see it on high-definition, which is really good.) The draw of that program is all the French countryside and towns (and such in neighboring nations, at times), and the mountain scenery during the mountain stages is fabulous. I recommend it to all as an exception to the rule that most television programming is bad.

    The Tour de France (on Versus) happens this month. Versus replays the stage of the day multiple times during day and night.

    The scenery and colorful bikes are a great spectacle (the scenery alone makes it worth viewing — HINT) despite the sport’s critics.

    At least for a month TV is tolerable. (I watch the MSNBC shows and a small amount of Fox typically, and often it’s not tolerable. But this month, at least I have a reprieve and a reward. [grin])

    And (back to topic) now the Anthony trial and tabloid BS ends.

  • dduck

    Boy, if DSK could get a change of venue to that Florida court, the jury would probably give him an award or a prize of some kind.
    Criminals and media 1, justice zero.

  • DLS

    I’d certainly feel sick about making a legal decision that absolved, benefited, saved something like Casey Anthony, but that was the imperative given the lack of sufficient, conclusive proof.

    Nobody said the jury had to like what they did, and they shouldn’t.

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