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Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Politics, Women | 16 comments

Cartoons: Clinton and the “Woman Card”

cjones04272016 (1)

Clinton and the “Woman Card”
by Clay Jones

Despite rarely using a teleprompter Donald Trump usually sticks to a usual script which is full of lies. Mexicans, wall, Lyin’ Ted, make America great again, huge, blah, blah, blah. Even with the same routine you never know what Trump’s going to pull out next. He was on a roll Monday calling Cruz a “pain in the ass” and insulting Kasich for the style in which he chooses to eat pancakes. I was in hysterics.

During his victory speech Tuesday night he said the only reason Hillary Clinton was doing so well is because she’s a woman and that she plays the woman card. I would totally put my money on that woman kicking Trump’s ass, figuratively and literally. She’s a lot tougher than Trump. Let’s see Donald sit through twelve hours of b.s. questions from a partisan senate panel. With that in mind it’s really bizarre that Trump says Clinton won’t make a good president because she doesn’t have “the strength and stamina.”

Trump also states that he’s doing great with women and he’ll get their vote, and women don’t like Clinton. That’s a bigger lie than Trump Steaks. This guy also believes he’ll win New York. Dude, you didn’t win Manhattan, where you live. You lost your neighborhood to John Kasich, you know him. Mr. One in 41.

I wonder if there’s an alternate universe where there is a normal Trump and we got stuck with the Bizarro version.

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  • The Ohioan

    I’ve been in hysterics about Trump many times, but it was neither funny nor entertaining. The people that find him entertaining are like the people that used to go to insane asylums to taunt the poor inmates for entertainment.

    I doubt Hillary using the woman card will make much impression any more (it’s lost much of its punch through over use, though with Trump it would still be effective for some) and certainly any possible Trump supporters will not be swayed. It’s really a double edged sword against a Trump candidacy.

    Just what machinations the Clinton machine will use against Trump will be interesting to watch; they’ve never been up against a candidate like Trump before and may have met their match. Once again Democrats may have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. A street fighter like Bernie is what was needed; too late – barring accident, illness, or indictment. Trump voters new to elections will stay to the end; some of Sanders voters new to elections will stay, we don’t know how many, and many long-time Republican and Democratic voters will be looking outside those parties after this election.

    Neither Trump nor Clinton seems very interested in the most important issue that affects all of us – climate changes that, if not mitigated (and soon) will lead to mass migrations, starvation, and wars over remaining resources. Another pivotal election in the first quarter of the 21st century and we’ve screwed it up royally.

  • roseyrey

    There is no woman card. If being a woman really presented an advantage over being a man in politics or anything else, women would be ahead — on politics, wealth accumulation, rights, whatever. In order to square the fact that we’re not, one must either believe that women are just simply not as smart and capable as men, or being a woman is actually a disadvantage in our culture, and has been for a long time. We need to start talking more about how every man running for anything — doing pretty much anything in our society — gets to play the man card.

    • Plus a billion!!! 😀

    • Brownies girl

      “There is no woman card.”

      Thank you roseyrey!

    • The Ohioan

      Using the woman card is exactly that – saying that in fact it’s a disadvantage to be a woman not an advantage.

      Saying women have to spend more time than men making themselves more attractive because they will be criticized if they are not attractive but men will not be criticized about their looks (Ted Cruz notwithstanding).

      When an opponent says shouting over gun control is not helpful, saying it’s a personal insult about a woman’s raised voice being called shouting when a man’s raised voice is acceptable.

      Always remarking about how great it would be to have a woman President – maybe – how would it be great? – why would it be different?

      Using Trump’s woman card statement to raise money and encourage women to feel they need to vote for Hillary because she’s a WOMAN.

      Yes, Virginia, there IS a woman card.

      • dduck

        Is that site for real? Is it really Hillary’s?

        • The Ohioan


  • dduck

    Ah, yes, the successful business person card, the tells it like it is card, the gets things done card, and the ultimate, the my father was a postman card. So of course Hillary does not use the woman card (wink wink). 🙂

    • roseyrey

      I’m not quite getting the joke.

    • Brownies girl

      dd, are you saying you think Hillary plays a “woman’s” card? How? Cite an example.

      • dduck

        If she does play the women’s card, I have nothing against that, it would be stupid if she didn’t, and she ain’t stupid. Trump would be stupid if he didn’t play the successful business person card, as does Fiorina, and all the governors that play the executive management card. I hope that is clearer.

        • Brownies girl

          I hope you don’t think I’m being obtuse, (because I’m NOT) but what I’d like to know is what IS this woman card? How does it work? How does Hillary (or any woman) play this so-called ‘Woman Card’? I have been a female all my life and a female woman for the vast majority of it. If I’ve got a ‘card’, I’m unaware of it and have no idea how to use it since any successes I had in business came as a result of being good at what I did. Nobody gave me a job because I was a female. In fact, I probably lost a few because of it. Please advise.

          Plus. True enough, Trump brags endlessly on about his successes in business yet fails to note his many failures, i.e. bankruptcies. If Fiorina is playing that same successful business person ‘card’, she’ll be laughed at. Her ONLY success in business was hauling a multi-million $$ golden parachute out of Hewlett-Packard.

  • dduck

    I just consulted with my wife and she informs me that HC appeals to women by concentrating and advocating for their rights-health issues, income equality, etc.. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with that and I’m sorry if I gave an impression of that being a negative thing, since a candidate SHOULD extol their strong points.
    Again Kasich shows his blue collar working man roots by referring to his father the postman and his grandfather the miner. Trump can’t do that, so he goes with what he thinks are his perceived strong points. Cruz, well, fuhgeddaboudit.

    • Brownies girl

      Thanks for the reply dd. You write: “my wife and she informs me that HC appeals to women by concentrating and advocating for their rights-health issues, income equality, etc.”

      So **THAT’S** the “woman card”? Advocating for a better life for 50%+ of the population?

      You also write: “there is nothing wrong with that and I’m sorry if I gave an impression of that being a negative thing, since a candidate SHOULD extol their strong points.”

      That’s not just one of Hillary’s strong points, i.e., advocating for women — Bernie’s doing it too, and last I heard, he’s a guy. He’s also extolling HIS strong points, or one of them anyway. So, I’m left with understanding that if any *FEMALE* running for the highest office in your land is standing up for women’s healthcare, equal wages and the freedom to call the shots on what they do with their own bodies, that’s playing the ‘woman card’. Good Ch**st on a crutch!

      So is ‘building up the military’, shouting out about ‘America First’ and lowering taxes — is that playing the ‘man card’? I guess it must be.

      You know, it isn’t Obama who caused such a division in your country, like so many morons are saying — it’s terrifying, vicious ignoramuses like Trump who’ve done it once and for all – G*d help us all. Roseyrey was right when she wrote “There is no woman card”. There’s just millions of people, trying to get a fair shake, regardless of gender.

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