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Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Cartoons, Military, Politics | 0 comments

Cartoon: Deferment Donny

Donald Trump claims he has respect for the military. He says he’s rebuilding our armed forces and has even lied that he’s rebuilt our nuclear arsenal. He seems to be itching for a fight, whether it’s with North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, or the mayor of London.

During the presidential campaign, a veteran was so inspired by Trump that he gave him his Purple Heart.

In case you’re not familiar with it, the Purple Heart is awarded to those in the military wounded or killed during combat. My father earned a Purple Heart.

I have no idea what Trump could have said that would have inspired this veteran, who was wounded serving his nation, to give his Purple Heart to such a person like Donald Trump. When I think of “inspirational,” I don’t think of Donald Trump. When I step into something an animal made on the sidewalk, that’s when I think of Donald Trump. How could someone give their Purple Heart to a guy with five deferments, one of them being for bone spurs which never seemed to impact his golf game. How could he give his medal to a man who attacked a Gold Star family? How could he give one to a man who said POWs are not heroes and that he likes people who weren’t captured?

Trump said that he always wanted a Purple Heart. Does anyone join the military hoping they get shot or killed? If such a bizarre stupid comment had been said before my father passed away, I would have asked him, “Dad…did you join hoping to win a Purple Heart?” I’m pretty sure he’d say no.

Instead of politely, and humbly, declining the gesture from the veteran, Trump took the medal. I would have turned it down because I’m unworthy of possessing a Purple Heart (my little sister has my father’s medal and I gave my son his dog tag), and so is Donald Trump.

Over the past week, Trump has feuded with a pregnant war widow over comments he made. He never mentioned her husband’s name and told her “he knew what he signed up for.” He’s assured us he was very respectful…while continuing to do the disrespectful thing of tweeting about it, and then sending his four-star general Chief of Staff out to lie about it.

Trump claimed he had called the family of everyone who has been killed in the line of duty since he became president. That was a lie. He started calling after the press asked him about it. He promised a Gold Star father that he would personally give him $25,000, and didn’t send it until the press asked him about it (it was postmarked the day after being questioned about it). Trump claimed Obama never called or wrote letters to Gold Star families. That was, surprise, another lie.

Trump lies about everything, and when he makes an accusation about someone else, it usually fits him (like liar, loser, crooked, little, bad hair, ugly, fat, etc.).

Trump only respects what has the Trump brand on it. He has more respect for Trump Steaks than he does for the military, those who served, and those who have sacrificed. You would think a trust fund baby who used the bone spur method to avoid serving in Vietnam, while other men his age were dying there, would have learned a little appreciation, respect, dignity, humbleness, and honor by the time he reached the age of the 70.

Not only does Trump disrespect, he has no gratitude. He can prove me wrong and I hope in the future an interviewer will give him the opportunity to do so. It probably won’t happen because the interviewer will be working for Fox.

But, next time Trump is being interviewed, how about asking him a question where he can prove he has respect and gratitude. Ask him about the gentleman who gave him his Purple Heart.

Ask him if he remembers that gentleman’s name.

Clay Jones can be reached at [email protected]

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