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Posted by on Dec 13, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Cartoons, Russia | 0 comments

Cartoon: Dancing for Putin


Dancing for Trump
by Clay Jones

On the same day Donald Trump tells America that Russia did not hack into the DNC and corrupt our election he goes and nominates an FOP for Secretary of State. FOP? Friend of Putin.

Before the election Trump asked Russia to hack into the Hillary campaign. Then some entity hacks into the Clinton campaign and gives all the juicy tidbits to Wikileaks. Now he finds it unbelievable that Russia would do such a thing.

Trump won’t take his security briefings because he’s “like a smart person,” but he knows more than the CIA. The president-elect and his supporters won’t believe 17 U.S. intelligence agencies when they say Russia meddled in our election but they’ll believe Muslims in New Jersey celebrated 9/11, Clinton has Alzheimer’s, the Pope endorsed Trump, Clinton had an FBI agent murdered, or that she ran a child-sex ring in a Washington pizza joint. They demand proof with an accusation unless it’s some hogwash they want to believe.

Trump’s Secretary of State nominee is Rex Tillerson, who comes from the private sector. In fact, the only company he’s ever worked for in his entire life is Exxon. So why not put a guy in charge of the State department without any government experience to compliment the president who also doesn’t have any government experience?

Tillerson received the Order Of Friendship award by Putin. He’s known the guy for over 20 years. Trump has also made a dinner companion of Putin’s as his National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.

Putin wants a pro-Russia administration in the White House. His hope is to end sanctions placed by the U.S. on Russia, which also kept Exxon from doing a lot of business in that nation. He wasn’t going to get any relief from a Clinton presidency. Putin knows it’s easier to manipulate stupid people.

Russia has been meddling in Europe for a while now. They’re now targeting Angela Merkel of Germany, who might be the last obstacle standing in Putin’s way in the West.

He has other obstacles in the United States in the form of the United States Senate. Several Republicans are expressing concern over Tillerson, so it’s not just Democrats unhappy with this nomination. Senators Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and the heaviest hitter on foreign policy in the Senate, John McCain, all have questions they want answered.

Former CIA director Michael Morell said Russia attempting to sway our election is the political equivalent of 9/11. Alabama coach Nick Saban once said the same thing when his team lost to the University of Louisiana at Monroe, but I don’t think Mr. Morell is making a hyperbole out of the situation. This is actually dangerous for our nation.

When the electors meet next week to cast their vote for the next president of the United States of America they need to keep in mind that Donald Trump may be the worst disaster to ever strike our nation.

Via Claytoonz.comRussia

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