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Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in 2016 Presidential Election, Cartoons, Politics | 0 comments

Cartoon and column: Get over it?

Someone needs to go away. This person needs to stop rehashing the 2016 election. This person needs to stop whining about how unfairly they were treated. This person needs to stop blaming others for their failures and accept some responsibility. This person’s lingering presence is detrimental to the future success of their party and our country. They need to shut up already.

This person also needs to stop lying about millions of illegal voters. This person needs to stop interjecting that they won Michigan into every conversation that’s unrelated to that subject. This person needs to stop pimping his campaign schwag when visiting disaster areas. This person needs to stop holding campaign rallies, stop talking about how they’re the most presidential and accomplished president ever, and perhaps suspend their 2020 campaign for three more years, or at least until they have one legislative victory. And, just maybe…stop talking about being on Mount Rushmore.

Someone needs to not just get over the 2016 election, but get over himself. Someone needs to act not just presidential, but like an adult.

And if you really wanna rehash the 2016 election, then let’s talk about it. How many Russians did you collude with during the campaign?

What happened? I’m waiting on Robert Mueller to happen.

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