Tanking New York City mayoral candidate and former Rep. Anthony Weiner may be in hot water due to the sexting pictures of himself that gave him enough hubris to be sold at CostCo — but Weiner’s nightmare could be part of the American dream for Randall Richards of Orlando who has partnered with Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats in Illinois. They’ve now teamed up to market “Carlos Danger Weiners,” named after Weiner’s online name that (barely) kept his identity secret.

What next — a Bob Filner Rump Roast? (Hey, I think I just gave those guys an idea…)

No, this is NOT a joke and they’ve created a lively, zippy website HERE with the slogan on top “eat my weiners they rise to any occasion.” The website (which needs to be read in full) contains serious lines about their product and they also have some (PG) fun:

Don’t forget Labor Day is coming up so if you want your party to be a real success in every way, Our dogs are seriously good (no kidding) so share the Carlos Danger Weiners with all your friends. Or, you can take a picture of yourself with your Carlos Danger Weiner and send it out to your friends, or even people you don’t know at all! Your day can be so much more special and any party can become more fun when you enjoy the Carlos Danger big, fat weiner experience.

Mail Online:

Weiner’s continued presence in the race makes great fodder for the entrepreneurial Richards.

His 100 per cent all beef hotdogs are twice the size of regular hotdogs, but unfortunately for many New Yorkers they aren’t Kosher.

According to the website, these wieners ‘rise to any occasion’ and are a tasty treat ‘you won’t want to pull out of your mouth.’

For now the quarter-pound hot dogs are being sold online in packages of 4, 20, and 40, ranging in price from $4 to $79.95 for the super tailgater pack.

Richards has already been in talks to sell the hot dogs at Publix and Walmart.

The hot dogs are a versatile protein, which can be eaten ‘stuffed into a hot bun, or just by itself.’

‘Jerk it with a Jerk spice, plump it, pull it or just figure it out on your own,’ the company advises.

Between now and September 3, the hot dog start-up is holding a picture contest.
Contestants are encouraged to post a picture of themselves on Facebook or Instagram with their best Carlos Danger disguise eating a Carlos Danger Weiner. The most likes gets a $1,000. Nudity is not allowed.

The company also has their own ‘Weiner girls’ who help host nightclub and tailgate parties as well as social media contests.

ABC News:

The company, whose website launched today, was created by Randall Richards, the CEO of Web Dominators LLC, a marketing firm in Orlando, in partnership with Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats, a family-owned business in Illinois. Hot dog orders can be placed through the website, and Richards said he had been in touch with several chains such as Walmart and Publix about selling the dogs.

….Richards said the idea for his company began percolating around three weeks ago, when new revelations emerged that Weiner had continued to send messages – under the name Carlos Danger — even after he had resigned from Congress and had begun planning his run for Big Apple mayor.

“This is something that’s too good of an opportunity to pass up,” said Richards. “It’s a great American dream to make money off a stupid political gaffe.”

…..There is also a Carlos Danger Weiner picture-posting contest, according to the website, in which people can post pictures on social media sites in their “best Carlos Weiner disguise eating your Carlos Danger Weiner with your funniest tag line.” But nudity and exposed body parts are strongly discouraged.

The company does provide “Weiner girls,” however, to host nightclub and tailgate parties, as well as social media contests, said Richards.

“We can set up this cookout, the Weiner girls are kind of like the lovely assistants, just bouncing off the puns and things like that,” he explained.

Bon appetit…

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • dduck

    Simply great. Now that’s what I call U.S. exceptionalisim at its crassest. Now, if someone would add a cheese product for Spitzer.