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Posted by on Jun 7, 2009 in At TMV | 13 comments

Call for Math Wizards at TMV

I’m working on an article, and could you help me with a math problem?

I have gotten lost in all the decimal points and commas and sub-problems. I know from reading comments that some people who visit TMV are gifted at things like this, I’d appreciate any help you can give me:

1. Say there are aprx 6B people in the world. Say about half of them are women. Say that women potentially have childbearing ability from ages 12 through 45. Say that about half of the 3b women in the world are of child-bearing age.

So of 1.5B women having one baby per year, with three months off in between, and just say that all children live to majority or more, just for the sake of projecting… that would be let’s just say maybe about 20+/- children brought into the world by each of the 1.5 woman, depending on her age at the onset of this ‘study’.

How many babies would that cause to be added to the population of Earth in 33 years time?

2. And, this is the second part of the math problem that I also get tied around the post with, not knowing how to figure the correct answer… Of the children brought in that 33 years time, imagining that half are girls, and that all those girls will theoretically reach childbearing age at age 12, so they are ADDED to the group of 1.5B women already having babies (within that 33 year period… the ‘new’ girls (just an aside: to me 12 yrs. old seems like a child rather than a woman, but biological ability is what I’m trying to weigh here) seem they will each have at least 12 babies, which should be added to the sum of problem #1 above?

How many babies total between #1 and #2 would come onto the Earth in that 33 year period of time.

I havent figured into these equations re deaths of either mothers or children over those 33 years, nor for deaths in the general population either. Nor have I figured in for births of twins, triplets, etc. Maybe as I can get these parts of the math problem solved, I can add in stats for all those. Right now, my mind already feels like it’s going to explode just from trying to write this all out so it makes sense. So thank you for any assistance you can give.

Dyslexically yours, and I’m not kidding,

P.S. #3 while we’re at it, I know this sounds like a loaded question, but it’s serious, and I dont mean that as a pun either. If there are aprx 50-100M sperm in every ejaculation, can anyone guesstimate for me about how many of those lovely events might occur for one average male from say age 12 through say age 72? I know, I know, you’re wondering what the heck kind of article Im writing. Well, you know Ionesco’s work? I am a serious absurdologist.

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