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Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Politics | 12 comments

Cain Chaos, Perry Nuttiness, Jindal Swooning, Mitt Flip-Flops (Yet Again), Pat’s Pissed & More

Those wild and crazy Republican presidential wannabes are outdoing themselves this week as they scramble to take the wheel of the GOP clown car. And it’s only Thursday.

* * * * *

Herman Cain, who is rising faster in the polls than a French souffle, likes to brag about his management chops, but if the way he has managed his own campaign is any indication, he should go back to business school.

Which the former pizza magnate certainly will have time to do, because judging from a variety of reports the Cain for President operation is in chaos and the man himself shows little indication of taking his own candidacy seriously. Which is appropriate because anyone with two brain cells to rub together and has looked closely at Cain wouldn’t take him seriously given that he has hardly shown up in the two key early battleground states — New Hampshire and Iowa — and has been more interested in promoting his new book than courting wealthy donors.

* * * * *

If Cain’s 15 minutes of fame are in overtime, his bubble will burst soon enough, and the logical recipient of the voters that Cain siphoned from Rick Perry is . . . . Rick Perry.

Problem is, the Texas governor’s advisers are having trouble getting that spinning pinwheel off his head, as one pundit put it. It is as if Perry is begging to not be taken seriously with his repeated forays into birtherism and his now oft-quoted view that “It’s Fun to Accuse the President of Not Being an American.”

Perry has been so unhinged lately that his advisers are whispering that he may sit out the rest of the Republican debates. Given his unenergetic and ill-prepared prepared appearances, that might not be such a bad idea.

* * * * *

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal won re-election by a landslide the other day and the inevitable calls for him to enter the race for the presidential nomination followed despite his endorsement of Rick Perry.

That would be rich for a couple of reasons: Louisiana is about as much like the rest of the country as a crawfish is like a Hereford cow. And Jindal — named Piyush Jindal at birth by his Indian parents — is a target of Perry’s birther buddies.

* * * * *

Another week and another flip-flop for Mitt Romney, who were it not for the lunatic fringe Republican base and concerns over whether he has a pulse, should be running away from the field as the only man who stands a chance of unseating our socialist president.

The former Massachusetts governor had vociferously (for him) supported the anti-union rules instituted in Ohio by Governor John Kasich, who faces the backlash of angry pro-union voters in the form of an upcoming referendum to roll back the rules. Then Romney said this week that he would remain “neutral” on the referendum, which he followed up on by apologizing for “confusion,” followed by a statement that he supports the rules “110 percent.”

Stayed tuned.

* * * * *

Pat Robertson has been a reliable Republican-supporting wack job since forever, so it was shocking to read that, in a rare moment of candor, he described the GOP presidential field as “extreme” on his 700 Club television show.

His Rabidness warned that the party’s base is pushing potential nominees to take such extreme positions that they will be unelectable. “Those people in the Republican primary have got to lay off of this stuff,” he whined. “They’re forcing their leaders, the frontrunners, into positions that will mean they lose the general election . . . They’ve got to stop this! It’s just so counterproductive!”

* * * * *

In a vivid example of the pot calling the kettle . . un, I won’t go there, Herman Cain has blustered about how his 9-9-9 tax “reform” flapdoodle would include a crackdown on tax deadbeats.

It turns out that Cain was one himself in 2006 when he failed to pay Georgia state income taxes. In fairness to Cain, he was undergoing treatment for cancer for much of the year, but nevertheless fought efforts by the state to get him to pay up. He finally did so in 2008.

* * * * *

Although not as over the top as Al Gore’s boast in 2000 that he invented the Internet, Mitt Romney’s claim that he played a key role in creating the modern American economy — which is to say the revolution in corporate takeovers, the increase in executive compensation and acceleration of outsourcing — also fails the sniff test.

There is no question that Mitt made his nut by being among the executives doing those things, but he was by no means in the vanguard. And it’s kind of ironic that those things are the very things that Occupy Wall Street protesters are railing about, none of whom it can be safely assumed with vote Republican in 2012.

* * * * *

Andrew Sullivan on the clown car that the Republican Party:

“I regard Cain’s dominance as just the latest sign of the degeneracy on the American right. He’s the ultimate candidate for a Palinized party: based on talk radio, uninterested in government, ruled by unreason, propelled by resentment, fixated on power. Maybe Cain is the dynamite to reveal this circus masquerading as a political party as the farce it has become.”

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  • RP

    America survives inspite of its leadership. If the current gang running to be President, including Obama, is the smartest and best America has to offer as President, some higher power has to be protecting us from ourselves.

    But one has to wonder how long that will last until we become much like Europe is now. We should be asking why we can not attract people much like Steve Jobs, with a vision for the future and ideas that people can accept, to run for office.

  • SteveK

    Those who try and compare President Obama to the current batch of clowns (with the exception of Romney and Huntsman) vying for the Republican “NO”mination are simply showing what partisan hacks they really are.

    They couldn’t be any more obvious if they had “wing-nut” tattooed on their forehead.

  • Allen

    Laptop Liberals….

    Oh yes throw all the bums out then what? More bums.

    You have a President that is trying. If you stop supporting him then what President in his/her right mind would ever listen to you again? You help the Republican cause with your inconsistent loyalty. You ask for too much then when you don’t get it all at fast food speed you whine like children. Well our children are in the streets and YOU can’t stop them or herd them. Why would they bother listening to you anymore?

  • Mark Nuckols

    Well, about this time 2004 and 2008 John Edwards was leading the polls and people considered Dennis “Fruitcake” Kucinich and The Reverend Al to be contenders. American democracy. It’s quite admirable and cute actually.

  • Mark:

    Good point and as a related point we can be grateful that so many of our unsuitable presidential wannabes self destruct.

    You cite Kucinich and Sharpton, to which I would add Dean on the D side and Keyes, Thompson, Hunter, Giuliani, Palin, Bachmann, Trump and Gingrich on the R side.

  • dduck

    And, one candidate electrified us with tales of being shot at visiting a foreign country and running for cover.

  • marcusthebull

    This article appears to be thoughtful.
    During an interview with Wolf Blitzer in 2000, Gore alluded to the fact that he cosponsored a bill in congress that funded an initiative for university professors to electronically share information between computers. That technology was developed into a crude form of email and eventually the Internet. To be fair, Gore could have done a better job connecting the dots. But an overzealous press took the statement out of context, and the flashy sound bite became “Al Gore says he invented the Internet.”

    . Did Cain really suggest that it’s fun to accuse the president of not being an American? What did Romney really say about union rules?

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    welcome marcus: please read commenters rules at top of page. Discuss topic, not writer and other commenters. That’s how we keep a civil forum here. Thanks

  • ShannonLeee

    I think Jindal actually has a chance. People are going to be running from Cain in 3,2,1… Perry wants to bow out of debates because he can’t handle the heat (his campaign is rich, but dead). Poor Mitt…all dressed up with no where to go. The rest of just leftovers.

  • dduck

    I think Cain may last a little longer. Let me explain why. His nein to a bloated tax code, his nein to being a “politician”, and his nein to being a front runner. Instead he can play the underdog all the way to the populist bank as the Dems and the rest of the Rep candidates appear to be picking on him or act condescendingly. People are pissed, OWS being an example of acting out that anger, misplaced or not inclusive (Washington) though it may be.

  • EEllis

    Perry isn’t a particularly good debater in the best of circumstances, tho he did OK in this last debate, but he has a real point about the way these debates have been set up. They give no one time to talk about anything in depth and really just lead to battling sound bites. They don’t serve to inform and are bad for the GOP overall. Perry hasn’t said he wants to skip all debates just that he made a mistake in participating in the early debates and would most likely skip debates that were of the same type. Now maybe he was blowing smoke but the clear inference was that in a forum where the candidates could have time to talk and explore issues he would indeed participate.

    The Jindal thing is primarily a joke. No reasonable or knowledgeable person would push him to participate because there is just not enough time for him to organize to where he could effectively compete. No this is just being pushed by internet pundits looking for grist for the mill. Kind of funny writing a story about how “they” keep writing stories.

  • JSpencer

    At first I thought the “Pat” was going to be Buchanan, but after listening to his recent interview with Diane Rehm (about his new book) it sounds like he’s given up on America anyway. As usual he blames the hippies and the brown people. Diane still has faith in the country though, and that’s good enough for me!

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