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Posted by on Oct 7, 2008 in Politics | 0 comments

C-SPAN Debate Hub: Blog Heaven! (Reprised)

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If you haven’t visited C-SPAN’s Debate Hub you don’t know what your missing. The site’s garnering praise from both sides of the aisle…

MyDD from the Left:

C-SPAN has a real neat Debate Hub feature on their website which is a great place to watch and follow the debate, particularly for those without a television. The Hub is also tracking the blogs — including MyDD, which I’m told was quoted on-air after the Vice Presidential debate last week — so check it out

Red State from the Right:

I have seen the future of internet political sites and it is golden — a shining city on a hill of Web 2.0 goodness and gradients. C-SPAN, stodgy network of Brian Lamb, has just beaten everyone else in the game.

Their debate hub website will make all political junkies’ lives so much easier. They’ve made it possible to search a debate timeline, watch video broken out in the timeline, extract video of my choosing, and match it with a searchable transcript. And it is darn easy.

Prior to the VP debate I did a tour that’s posted here. Remember:

The entire Debate Hub is archived — all of the Tweets, blog posts, video, transcripts, and word clouds included — so the debates accumulate and the site gets exponentially better with each debate’s passing. You are able to slice and dice the candidates answers in all kinds of ways.

If you’ve yet to see it, be sure to check it out. Right now there’s a live feed from the debate filing center. It looks like they’ve added some new features to their player since last time around.