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Posted by on Jun 27, 2006 in At TMV | 8 comments

Bush’s Poll Numbers Apparently Dropping Again

The Zarqawi killing bump is apparently wearing off. Details at Rasmussen Reports (a firm favored by GOPers and said to be the most accurate polling firm in 2004). REMINDER AGAIN: Polls are snapshots and in the long term like see saws.

Will going after the evil New York Times rally the base and get the numbers back up?

A USA Today/Gallup poll taken Friday through Sunday found Bush’s numbers going slightly down and a majority of Americans wanting Congress to pass a resolution that outlines a plan for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. (In administration/GOP speak that means a majority of Americans advocate “cutting and running.”)

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  • Salmineo

    Well, he started talking again. That generally works to bring down his poll numbers.

  • SnarkyShark

    In administration/GOP speak that means a majority of Americans advocate “cutting and running.”

    Don’t forget that also makes said majority leftist and lunatics.

    It’s also a good signm that Americans aren’t buying the spin anymore

  • Rudi

    Bush’s poll numbers have dropped continously, not wild fluctations like NYSE), since 2001. He doesn’t have credibility with the Let or Center, and is in battles with the Right over numerous issues. The debate is one of competents and partisanship. Some people can take only so many slogans and sound bites and realize that the “Wizard behind the curtain” can’t get us out of Iraq or Kansas. It would be nice if TMV comments had a spell check button.

  • JP

    Low, low, how low can you go?!

  • Have you ever tried to dribble a partially deflated basketball? That’s about as much bounce as Bush got from killing Zarqawi

  • Chippedchips

    Do da limbo georgie do da limbo…yuze knows how to does it georgie..yuze is low down to start with.

  • Three words: Dead. Cat. Bounce.

  • Captain Carnage

    Yep, those polls indicate he won’t get elected for sure. You just keep watching them, guys.

    Meanwhile, the GOP are concentrating on retaining the House and Senate. Dems need to flip over 15 seats to win the House. To do this, they need to look like they are capable of defending the country. That is the issue that will make or break them, and at the moment they do not look cohesive. That’s what they need to work on, not beating Bush down.

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