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Posted by on Nov 15, 2006 in At TMV | 12 comments

Bush Starts His Own Iraq Study Review

Is President George Bush laying the groundwork to ignore parts of the finding and recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group? The Washington Post:

President Bush formally launched a sweeping internal review of Iraq policy yesterday, pulling together studies underway by various government agencies, according to U.S. officials.

The initiative, begun after Bush met at the White House with his foreign policy team, parallels the effort by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group to salvage U.S. policy in Iraq, develop an exit strategy and protect long-term U.S. interests in the region. The two reviews are not competitive, administration officials said, although the White House wants to complete the process before mid-December, about the time the Iraq Study Group’s final report is expected.

The White House’s decision changes the dynamics of what happens next to U.S. policy deliberations. The administration will have its own working document as well as recommendations from an independent bipartisan commission to consider as it struggles to prevent further deterioration in Iraq.

Here’s the key part of this story:

The White House review could give the administration alternatives so that it feels less pressure to fully implement the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group report, foreign policy experts said.

The adminsistration is denying that the Iraq Study Group didn’t prompt this review. But haven’t voters already come to a decision about the value and veracity of administration denials? And if the Study Group issues recommendations and they’re ignored in favor of something more to Mr. Bush (and Mr. Cheney’s) liking the stage will be set for a truly fiery next two years.

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  • GreenDreams

    See? I’m not just turning to Daddy for help. I got my own investigation and it’s very presidential. So I can listen to my guys and Daddy’s, then I can be the Decider again. Daddy? Can I be the Decider again?

  • C Stanley

    LOL, snarky but true. I think that’s exactly what this is: W’s attempt to look like he came to the same conclusions as the ISG independently. I don’t think he’s going to try to counter their proposals (I could be wrong, but that’s my take on it)- I just think that he wants to preserve the illusion that he is the one calling the shots.

  • Rubyeyes

    I think it’s a way of pushing the goal posts again. The waiting for the Baker report now will give way to the waiting for the Bush report.

  • Rudi

    I think the both groups are one to two years too late. W incompetence is unbelievable. Will this be spun like his claiming Deptartment of Homeland Security as his own when he never wanted DoHS. It all comes down to the meaning of “is”……

  • Andrew

    Hey guys, I’m going to start my own Iraq study group. I hear that this is all the rage now. We’ll meet next Tuesday for coffee.

  • Davebo

    Personally I think the idea of a “blue ribbon panel” or study group is more suited to issues like Social Security Reform or Base Closures rather than what strategy we should have in a war.

    However, with the administration refusing to second guess itself and with the GOP controlled congress refusing to provide even a hint of oversight, I guess this was the best we could hope for.

  • GreenDreams

    Andrew, my expert panel is meeting Tuesday. Can you move yours to Wednesday?

  • “Stay the Course” is alive and well. That became obvious when Gen. John P. Abizaid spoke to the Senate today. He said nothing we have not heard for the last two years.

  • While everyone sane is calling for a withdrawal, Bush is looking for a way to maintain control over Iraq and the oil.

  • Kim Ritter

    Every time I listen to Abizaid or others in the military, they say that the next 6 months will be critical to our success in Iraq, that they need the time to train the Iraqi Army. They say that every 6 months or so. Are they just putting off admitting the inevitable?

  • Captain Comeback

    Heh. Sounds familiar.

    Don’t like the facts with biology and evolution? Create your own set of facts with intelligent design and the Discovery Institute!

    Don’t like the facts with global warming and climate change? Create your own set of facts with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the American Enterprise Institute!

  • grognard

    Green Dreams, Andrew, I’m having my study group at the Wynkoop brewery, Friday night. If Bush has been running the show hasn’t he been “studying� the situation, why create a group now?

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