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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Crime, Education | 3 comments

Bus Shooting Fuels Bullet-Proof Backpack Sales

US shooting fuels bullet-proof backpack sales (via AFP)

On the heels of the deadly shooting tragedy in Connecticut, parents’ anxiety is driving a surge in sales of bullet-proof backpacks, in the hope the armored bags can give their kids a safety edge. For under $300, the company Amendment II — a play on the Second Amendment to the US constitution, which…

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  • slamfu

    Ok, I’m all for 2nd amendment rights, and consider the right to own a gun as one of our instilled freedoms by our founding fathers, but we are putting armor on our kids now as a result of madmen and their access to guns. I’m ready to back off and find a solution even if that means giving up something we have come to view as a right. Times have changed. I have no idea how or what form it will take, but good lord we are buying armor for our kids.

  • sheknows

    In keeping with the capitalistic philosophy of our country, it’s nice to see that some companies can make a profit on the fear of our people.

    What is wrong with everyone?? Lets arm our teachers…lets place gun toting guards everywhere..lets put armor on our citizens???

    How about eliminating and limiting access to firearms in this country. How about jail time and hellaceous fines for possession of illegal ones. How about openly vocalizing our displeasure with the NRA and the legislators who are in their pocket.

  • yoopermoose

    I’m starting the think the end-game of the NRA, gun and ammo manufacturers, and body armor manufacturers is the complete militarization of the United States. Think about it. How much money is being spent on these weapons, and not just weapons, bullet proof vests and other military gear. When sales slow, a new threat is revealed to the public, i.e. the government is going to take your guns, the zombie apocolyps. It’s not enought that just some people are armed, everyone has to be armed to be safe. It’s not the 2nd amendment they care about, it’s the $$$$.

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