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Posted by on Jan 5, 2010 in Breaking News | 19 comments

Breaking: Michael Yon Detained at Seattle Airport?

Picked this up via Twitter from several people (H/T Ed Morrissey) but it seems that Michael Yon, independent photojournalist who has done a ton of work in Iraq and Afghanistan, was detained and handcuffed at Seattle airport for not answering pressing national security questions such as… how much money he earns?

When they handcuffed me, I said that no country has ever treated me so badly. Not China. Not Vietnam. Not Afghanistan. Definitely not Singapore or India or Nepal or Germany, not Brunei, not Indonesia, or Malaysia, or Kuwait or Qatar or United Arab Emirates. No county has treated me with the disrespect can that can be expected from our border bullies.

Very strange. Even if you’re into profiling, Yon would hardly fit one you’d be interested in. Of course, his passport, by now, doubtless has a list of countries stamped into it which could give an inspector pause, but that’s no excuse. Very, very strange. I expect this one will be high profile enough that you’ll see an apology coming from the government.

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