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Posted by on Apr 22, 2013 in Crime, Featured, Law, Politics, Terrorism | 9 comments

Boston Marathon bombing: the blame game begins

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Boston Marathon bombing: the blame game begins (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Copyright ImageClick to View Wearing his Boston Marathon runner’s jacket, David Delmar, a member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Boston, attends a service at Temple Israel, which allowed the Trinity congregation to hold their service, Sunday in Boston. Trinity is within the blocked-off area near the…

fingerpointing graphic via

  • Why there should be any finger-pointing is beyond me; reminder: we’re all on the same team in this case! I would say it’s reasonable to determine culpability, but to do so without facts just seems like a rush to judgement. Let’s wait to see where the investigation goes before we start the witch-hunt. If Tamerlan truly slipped through the cracks and it’s determined as a result of lazy investigations, then fire the individual(s) responsible.

  • slamfu

    Well it would appear to me that up until recently he hadn’t done anything illegal so why should the FBI have done something earlier? I’m glad he won’t be tried as an enemy combatant, I’ve never been comfortable with any designation that allows habeas corpus to get tossed out. And as far as the finger pointing, going to need some more evidence that the FBI even had a reason to do something earlier, from what this story says there is no information about that.

  • dduck


  • Willwright

    I wonder how many investigations have been conducted and how many attacks have been avoided. A few people who plan an attack are going to be successful. They can’t reduce the risk to zero.

  • dduck

    You are correct WW, Gen. Hayden said Sunday that you wouldn’t want to live in a country where the risk of an attack would be zero because you would have no freedoms (sorry, paraphrased).

  • cjjack

    If we’d had these sort of politicians back in December of 1941, they’d have spent all of 1942 arguing over who really attacked Pearl Harbor.

  • zephyr
  • DD, agree with Gen Hayden’s statement.

    CJ, well, wasn’t it FDR who was working in concert with the League of Nations to bring the US into the war? A cousin of a cousin of an uncle of a grandparent of mine reportedly saw a peeling Japanese sun sticker on a Kamikazee plane, underneath which was an American flag. No, there’s no photographic evidence… *sarcasm*

  • The_Ohioan



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