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Posted by on Mar 28, 2007 in At TMV | 21 comments

Bloggers Behaving Badly

Joe posted earlier about bloggers and other media figures being nasty to Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards about their recurrences of cancer.

Not long ago, the bloggers hired by the Edwards campaign (Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon and my friend Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare’s Sister) received hate mail and death threats. Even we here at The Moderate Voice were lightly harassed over a post concerning Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith.

A blogger named Cathy Seipp just died and an online enemy attacks her yet again: – As Cathy Seipp Lay Dying, Her Nemesis Took His Parting Shot on the Web

Tech blogger Kathy Sierra cancels a public appearance due to death threats:Creating Passionate Users: Death threats against bloggers are NOT “protected speech” (why I cancelled my ETech presentations)

Howard Kurtz blogs on the topic of Online Ugliness

Now, someone has proposed a Blogging Code of Conduct

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin notes several cases of bad behavior HERE

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