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Posted by on Jan 19, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Media, Politics, Satire | 3 comments

“Blazing Saddles” in South Carolina

Is Mel Brooks directing this movie?

Tonight’s final South Carolina debate will no doubt start as usual with the gang sitting under the palmettos full of Tea Party beans, competing to exude the loudest brain gas about Barack Obama and one another, but where do they go from there?

Will Rick Perry, who almost started a war with Turkey last time, punch another horse? (Nope, late news is that he’s doing a “Shane” and riding off into the sunset.)

Can Ron Paul, booed for preaching the Golden Rule about foreign wars, escape being strung up by local Pentagon contractors?

What about Rick Santorum, who began debate season by constantly kissing his former Speaker’s ring? Now that they are neck and neck, will he roll up a sleeveless sweater to hurl at Gingrich’s head?

Will Newt himself, who insulted black sheriff Juan Williams last time to delight the crowd, show up in sheets to belabor Mitt Romney, who still has tax-return cream pie on his face.


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  • zephyr

    Speaking as a Mel Brooks fan, I can only say I wish this sophomoric GOP comedy was a tenth as funny as Blazing Saddles. What it is, is a national embarrassment of epic proportions. By now the rest of the world (much of which is considerably more dysfunctional than the US of A) must be convinced we Americans have all snapped our caps.

  • Rcoutme


    They were convinced of that when the country reelected GWB. They now consider this to be par for the course. They are fully convinced that Americans all watch and believe FOXNEWS. I would like to correct them, but I’m afraid of being wrong. I only mention that not ALL of us are that way. I can’t say that for most…not anymore.

    If nothing else, the networks have a new reality show–one they didn’t have to script and one that they may not have realized was coming.

  • roro80

    A bunch of obnoxious dudes sitting around blowing gas out of their holes? Yep, I’m seeing it.

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