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Posted by on Dec 26, 2007 in Media, Religion | 14 comments

Blaming The Jews Department


Apparently with some folks, the Goodwill Toward Men of Christmas is supposed to last less than 24 hours.

We don’t often write about other blogs on TMV (we concentrate on news and events), but this is a bit shocking.

PREFACE: Don’t blame this one on ME. I’m too busy running the country’s banks, producing all of Hollywood studios’ entertainment, giving written orders to Congress and the White House on foreign policy decisions, lending money at exorbitant prices and worshiping at Temple Jerry Seinfeld. Or at Temple Adam Sandler if Seinfeld’s is overflowing with people of my religion eating our traditional holy dishes (also known as “Chinese food”).

The post is titled “Goodbye Cruel Jews.” If you have a quick gag reflex, be forewarned:

I did not come to this site to fight in the Jew Wars.

I came to join with MSOC, in her words, to rage against the lying of the right, against injustice and cruelty. Instead, I found injustice, cruelty and hate directed at me.

And, we hate to quote it, but a bit further down:

These hateful persons are Jews. At one point, I would have disregarded this fact, but I no longer can. This site has been nothing but the battleground of the Jew Wars, and it is not possible to escape the toxic fallout….And these same persons, these Jews, have not only continued their malicious attacks on me, but others, also Jews, have joined their Hate Squad, solely on the grounds that they are Jews and have been offended by someone, and thus arrogate to themselves the right to hate and insult a person who has done them no harm and no offense.

There’s more, but I have to take a shower. One minute.


This blog post seems to be a “uniter” not a “divider.” Here’s a cross section:

Daily Kos (a long post that needs to be read in full):

I truly never thought I would read crap like this on a left-wing site. But there it is. And just in case you’re curious, the “I hate Jews” diary has received several recommendations over there.

Why do I write this here? I really don’t know. Perhaps the words “never again” take on even greater meaning when the hatred is coming from the left and the right. Perhaps it is valid to remind ourselves once in a while that hate really has no political affiliation, and that evil comes from every direction.

Michael J. Totten has a post on Hezbollah, then he links to the post above in an update, writing:

Here is some old-fashioned American Jew-hatred uglier than anything I heard in Lebanon from a supporter of Hezbollah. (Yes, really.) Hatred, like decency, knows no nationality.

Gina Cobb:

She has no idea what she is doing. She who hates has already surrendered to evil….This ‘new’ Antisemitism of the left is in fact as old as Marxism. Never mind the fact that Marx was Jewish, his enemy was the bourgeoisie, and among them there have always been Jews. The Russians never stopped hating Jews, long after they had stripped the bourgeoisie of power.

The Jawa Report has a post that needs to be read in full. Two quick quotes:

Live by identity politics, die by identity politics…You know you’ve gone ’round the bend when even the Kosbots have thrown you overboard. Go nutroots!

Done With Mirror’s post needs to be read in its entirety too. Here is part of it:

She said she came there to “fight” the right wing. You cannot go to the Internet to wage battle, because there’s no matrix for winning. When you defeat an opponent in chess, he gets up and leaves the table, and your ranking goes up and his goes down. When you defeat an opponent in wrestling, he is counted out by the referee in front of the judges.

On the Internet, there is no referee. No end of the game. You can defeat the same opponent every day of your life and he takes no consequences. He will be back the next day, as fresh and active as ever. On the same thread or another. Doing what he has to do. It’s like a chess player who keeps piling the pieces back onto the board after you’ve captured them. Which means you will be at war forever.

When you speak only in rage and defiance and rejection, in contempt and mockery, you draw that back on you. When you bathe in what you spew, you find you can’t get up and walk away from the smell. When you inhabit a crucible of hatred, don’t expect to walk out with anything but the hatred left in you. And everything you once were turned to that hatred.

Neptunus Lex:

This hating thing, it’s just not healthy. There are treatments, you know. Medicines. Group therapy.

It’s time for that.


(1) The original post speaks for itself. Unless it is deleted from the blog, it’s going to be out there and that blog will — needless to say — not attract many readers. Alas: it will be applauded by some (including some who like to goose-step).

(2) Although some blogs clearly want go generalize and say this is “the left,” it is NOT indicative of how people on the left or center feel. It now has its own…little…niche.

(3) The weblog is an INCREDIBLE info/communication tool. Anyone can be his/her own editor, publisher and reporter and by clicking “PUBLISH” share their thoughts with the world. It has incredible potential. Shouldn’t everyone who has a weblog try to realize at least some of that potential?

(4) The old adage is true. If you want to write something when angry, wait a bit. Words matter. And even if a blog post has been deleted, those words linger out there and can never really be erased.

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  • Yes, I spotted this stinker earlier and sent the link to my friend Michael, a professional historian and professor who specializes in NT, Christianity and anti-Semitism.

  • Idiosyncrat

    Joe, I’m glad to see that condemnation is coming quickly from those on the deeper left. It’s those who at times make common cause with the purveyors of such sweetness who need to make a stand against it. The chest-thumping that will come from the right on this will be predictable and frankly pretty useless… Those guys have enough of their own wackos to keep in line, too.

    But on this note:

    (3) The weblog is an INCREDIBLE info/communication tool. Anyone can be his/her own editor, publisher and reporter and by clicking “PUBLISH” share their thoughts with the world. It has incredible potential. Shouldn’t everyone who has a weblog try to realize at least some of that potential?

    Call me jaded for not being shocked by this. As you said, anyone can put words on the web. With virtually zero barriers-to-entry, this marketplace is bound to be cluttered with a lot of, ummmmm, variety… Being “a blogger” means nothing in of itself.

  • Idiosyncrat: Good points. I am perhaps a bit joyous about blogging as one who worked in the news media — and really cherish the time I spent working for the Knight Ridder and Copley chains, as well as the “stringing” and other work for papers such as the old Chicago Daily News (in New Delhi) and Christian Science Monitor. I was also brought in as a kind of special stringer during the last months of the Franco regime in Spain to work with the Newsweek bureau. In the news media you have layers of supervisors who help guide you with what content they want, and then refine it at the various editors and copy desks. Decisions are then made as to “news hole” placement. TMV and blogs are different. I have people writing on it who I trust. I try to set the tone, encourage people to post, give some ideas about what we might do, and on occasion have edited (if a writer wanted me to). But I don’t “boss” or “supervise” each post. Similarly, when I write I can pick a topic and do it my way — which is admittedly wordy (as is this message) since I am finally allowed to write without an editor (wisely) telling me to keep it a certain length.

    My point is this is an incredible opportunity for people. It doesn’t really matter if you went to journalism school as I did or NOT. You can write, analyize report and make mistakes (as I have done in this comment) and you take the credit OR blame. Perhaps I am oh too much 20th century but I cannot understand the attraction of getting bogged down in blogs with comment wars or wars against bloggers or groups. Now, politicians? THEY are fair game (of both parties).
    Thanks for you thought-provoking comment!

  • As much as I would love to invoke Godwin upon you for Thought #1, I just don’t have the heart for it. That and a discussion of Antisemitism does have a logical trend towards the ultimate antisemitic philosophy, so a true Godwin violation would not occur. Then again, there’s the urban myth about the professor of World War 2 history that Godwin’d his students’ term papers. So it could be worse.

  • Romantic notions that we may sometimes harbor that humanity has “advanced,” that prejudices like antisemitism are things of the past and that the madness advanced by the Hitlers of the world could never take hold among enlightened people today, are exploded by vitriol like the site to which you link here, Joe. I’m torn between an impulse to point others to the manifest hatefulness of this blogger’s bile and another to totally ignore it. Nonetheless, I thank you for showing us this dark and disturbing corner of the web. Jesus reminds us that actions begin with the sinful thoughts we entertain. The thoughts expressed by the blogger to which you link can have a cancerous effect on others, legitimizing hate.

    As a non-Jew, let me express my deep sorrow over this junk.

    Mark Daniels

  • Orson Buggeigh

    Vile stuff. The author is well beyond any sort of reasoned discourse. Like Mark (above), I can’t say that ignoring this is the right thing to do, but I hate to give this sick woman more attention by calling attention to her screed. I would tend to go with the latter, simply as part of my conviction that people have a right to say what they want, and those of us who find it replsive should say so. Loudly and clearly.

    W should say what we find objectionable in reasoned terms,and not resort to the sort of hateful speech she used. This has been one of my concerns about the blogisphere and the media for a long time. The tendency to ‘look the other way’ when the person making hateful remarks is one of our friends, or someone whose views we agree with may give legitimacy to hateful views by allowing the author to say “everyone else does it, so why can’t I?” Nasty remarks about anyone’s unfitness to be part of society because of their religion should be beyond the pale, unless their religion is actively harmful to others. I mean harmful in the sense of conducting human sacrifice, like the Maya, not simply failing to believe as I believe. As a relatively conservative Christian, I don’t share Romney’s or Obama’s religious views, but I don’t think those have any place in the discussion of their fitness for the presidency. The same applies to the religious beliefs of Huckabee, Edwards, Clinton, McCain – all of whom have different religious beliefs from my own. The matter that I am concerned about, and should be of concern to everyone is not where (if) they worship, but how well will they govern should they become President?

    Thanks, Joe, for sharing. I guess I would not have found this dreadful anti-semitic spew on my own. Still, it’s a reminder that what we think of as civilization is a very thin veneer, and under it is a lot of ugly behavior like this. As a Christian, I would say this woman needs to remove the log from her own eye before she protests about the speck in another’s eye. I am disgusted. She certainly does not speak for me! I agree with Mark Daniels – I am deeply sorry to see such trash offered as political comment.

    Orson Buggeigh

  • Rudi

    I thought MM’s rant was hateful , but it needs to stay on MLF as a reminder of stepping over the line.

    A little perspective on the Lefties. While one of them I read very few “Liebrul” blogs. This incident put things inperspective about dKos I didn’t follow.

    You know you’ve gone ’round the bend when even the Kosbots have thrown you overboard. Go nutroots!

    Some on the Left think Kos is a sell out, so the LGF’s ranting like this are meaningless. The creator of MLF and may contributors left dKos as his site became mainsteam, they consider him a sell out, even to LGF types.

    This even now the case at MLW, a radical element want to have the site as “wild west anything goes”. Some FP’s were barred and others left due to tin-hat thoughts that stepped over the line. This rant by MM did go over the line, but it started debate like this, From another at MLF:

    Anti-Semitism: Two Perspectives (both by me)
    by: Nonpartisan
    Sun Dec 23, 2007 at 15:16:41 PM PST

    ( – promoted by weeping for brunnhilde)

    Per Prox’s request, here is the text of the essay I wrote, then deleted, last night. First I’ll post the unedited text; then I’ll explain why I deleted it.

    Anti-Semitism and What We Are Fighting For

    Nonpartisan, 12/23/07, MLW

    I come out of essay-writing retirement to comment on the issue of anti-Semitism. This will be a flame diary; so be it.

    I am a strong supporter of Israel in the current I/P conflict. Others are not. I know people both on and offline who hold the conflicting belief and nevertheless do not engage in anti-Semitism. There is absolutely no question in my mind that anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment are two entirely different and wholly separable things.

    Anti-Israel sentiment, in my opinion, is wrong. It is a legitimate viewpoint with which I disagree. Anti-Semitism, on the other hand, is evil. It is a non-legitimate viewpoint that must be stamped out, with all the violence social opprobrium can muster.

    Anti-Semitism — along with similar viewpoints such as racism and sexism — is a viewpoint which has been responsible for massive evil in human society. Racism has created massive inequalities, slavery, and genocide. Sexism has created similarly massive inequalities and turned countless human beings into second-class citizens. Anti-Semitism caused, among other things, the Holocaust.

    Hannah Arendt has commented on “the banality of evil” in connection with the ordinary perpetrators who carried out the day-to-day murders of the Holocaust. In his book Ordinary Men, Christopher Browning has extended this argument, showing cases of individual Poles who went about murdering Jews without any remorse at all because they had been infected with the germ of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is not a rational viewpoint like gun rights or environmentalism — it is a cancer that infects ordinary human beings and turns them into evil killers. It must be stamped out, not tolerated.

  • Rudi

    Sorry, the blockquote should have started at:
    Anti-Semitism: Two Perspectives (both by me)

  • DLS

    I suspect some of the anti-Semitic leftist sentiment is due to politically-correct hatred of Israel. It’s been that way since we chose the side of Israel while the Soviet Union chose the side of Israel’s enemies. We all know which side the Left favored in the Cold War.

  • kritt

    DLS- That is a huge overgeneralization, as antisemitism is just as prevalent on the right. Neonazism is not a lefty movement, and many country clubs populated by Republicans happily kept Jews out of their membership for generations.

  • Rudi

    We all know which side the Left favored in the Cold War.

    Pure rubbish…
    Israel during the 1960’s and 1970’s had many US Lefties living on kibbutz’s. What side did they take?

  • DLS

    “I suspect some of the anti-Semitic leftist sentiment is due to politically-correct hatred of Israel.”

    That is a huge overgeneralization, as antisemitism is just as prevalent on the right.

    I said “some,” not “all,” or “nearly all.” And on the far right it’s usually straightforward, unadulaterated anti-Semitism, rather than Israel-bashing all the time.

    * * *

    “We all know which side the Left favored in the Cold War.”

    Pure rubbish…

    Vietnam protests, anti-[US-Western-Israeli]-nuclear activism, “freeze” movement, “nuclear” and “peace” education, anti-[US]-military activism…

  • Idiosyncrat

    Pure rubbish…
    Israel during the 1960’s and 1970’s had many US Lefties living on kibbutz’s. What side did they take?

    Yup. Israel’s very founding was largely a grand secular socialist experiment in it’s execution. France, yes Fwaaaance, played a critical role in the nurturing of nascent Israel. In the US, many many Jews of of European heritage held socialist/communist/unionist sympathies. But the Israel of today is a very different place, as is the global political landscape. The US is a poor lens through which to view worldwide antisemitism because by and large things here are now quite good and the radical left (as exists overseas) really doesn’t have much practical power here. If you look to Europe, on the other hand, you see strong antisemitism (even if some of it is just spillover from the en vogue antiIsrael stance) and it very much emanates from groups that take common cause with the left. Traces of that are seen in the US — such as any anti-Iraq War rally that has taken place in NY or DC.

    One of the great discomforts many socially liberal Jews, whether they be card-carrying Democrats in the USA or European leftists, is that such elements are at best tolerated by the left.

  • Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention here. I am the same poster who brought it up at Daily Kos. I was one of the original contributors and front-pagers at My Left Wing, and have been horrified at what it turned into. For a long time I fought back, but ultimately figured out that it had become a refuge for the haters evicted from Daily Kos, and they were more interested in the hatefest than reason. Unfortunately, there are a few good people left there, including the proprietor (who has been sick), but through their defense of “free speech” and “free-wheeling discussion” became enablers of hate. i felt it necessary to finally call the whole site out publicly.

    P.S. Hey there Holly, how have you been? I haven’t heard from you since the Brian Bosma “2% Solution” blogswarm.

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