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Posted by on Dec 26, 2007 in Media, Religion | 14 comments

Blaming The Jews Department


Apparently with some folks, the Goodwill Toward Men of Christmas is supposed to last less than 24 hours.

We don’t often write about other blogs on TMV (we concentrate on news and events), but this is a bit shocking.

PREFACE: Don’t blame this one on ME. I’m too busy running the country’s banks, producing all of Hollywood studios’ entertainment, giving written orders to Congress and the White House on foreign policy decisions, lending money at exorbitant prices and worshiping at Temple Jerry Seinfeld. Or at Temple Adam Sandler if Seinfeld’s is overflowing with people of my religion eating our traditional holy dishes (also known as “Chinese food”).

The post is titled “Goodbye Cruel Jews.” If you have a quick gag reflex, be forewarned:

I did not come to this site to fight in the Jew Wars.

I came to join with MSOC, in her words, to rage against the lying of the right, against injustice and cruelty. Instead, I found injustice, cruelty and hate directed at me.

And, we hate to quote it, but a bit further down:

These hateful persons are Jews. At one point, I would have disregarded this fact, but I no longer can. This site has been nothing but the battleground of the Jew Wars, and it is not possible to escape the toxic fallout….And these same persons, these Jews, have not only continued their malicious attacks on me, but others, also Jews, have joined their Hate Squad, solely on the grounds that they are Jews and have been offended by someone, and thus arrogate to themselves the right to hate and insult a person who has done them no harm and no offense.

There’s more, but I have to take a shower. One minute.


This blog post seems to be a “uniter” not a “divider.” Here’s a cross section:

Daily Kos (a long post that needs to be read in full):

I truly never thought I would read crap like this on a left-wing site. But there it is. And just in case you’re curious, the “I hate Jews” diary has received several recommendations over there.

Why do I write this here? I really don’t know. Perhaps the words “never again” take on even greater meaning when the hatred is coming from the left and the right. Perhaps it is valid to remind ourselves once in a while that hate really has no political affiliation, and that evil comes from every direction.

Michael J. Totten has a post on Hezbollah, then he links to the post above in an update, writing:

Here is some old-fashioned American Jew-hatred uglier than anything I heard in Lebanon from a supporter of Hezbollah. (Yes, really.) Hatred, like decency, knows no nationality.

Gina Cobb:

She has no idea what she is doing. She who hates has already surrendered to evil….This ‘new’ Antisemitism of the left is in fact as old as Marxism. Never mind the fact that Marx was Jewish, his enemy was the bourgeoisie, and among them there have always been Jews. The Russians never stopped hating Jews, long after they had stripped the bourgeoisie of power.

The Jawa Report has a post that needs to be read in full. Two quick quotes:

Live by identity politics, die by identity politics…You know you’ve gone ’round the bend when even the Kosbots have thrown you overboard. Go nutroots!

Done With Mirror’s post needs to be read in its entirety too. Here is part of it:

She said she came there to “fight” the right wing. You cannot go to the Internet to wage battle, because there’s no matrix for winning. When you defeat an opponent in chess, he gets up and leaves the table, and your ranking goes up and his goes down. When you defeat an opponent in wrestling, he is counted out by the referee in front of the judges.

On the Internet, there is no referee. No end of the game. You can defeat the same opponent every day of your life and he takes no consequences. He will be back the next day, as fresh and active as ever. On the same thread or another. Doing what he has to do. It’s like a chess player who keeps piling the pieces back onto the board after you’ve captured them. Which means you will be at war forever.

When you speak only in rage and defiance and rejection, in contempt and mockery, you draw that back on you. When you bathe in what you spew, you find you can’t get up and walk away from the smell. When you inhabit a crucible of hatred, don’t expect to walk out with anything but the hatred left in you. And everything you once were turned to that hatred.

Neptunus Lex:

This hating thing, it’s just not healthy. There are treatments, you know. Medicines. Group therapy.

It’s time for that.


(1) The original post speaks for itself. Unless it is deleted from the blog, it’s going to be out there and that blog will — needless to say — not attract many readers. Alas: it will be applauded by some (including some who like to goose-step).

(2) Although some blogs clearly want go generalize and say this is “the left,” it is NOT indicative of how people on the left or center feel. It now has its own…little…niche.

(3) The weblog is an INCREDIBLE info/communication tool. Anyone can be his/her own editor, publisher and reporter and by clicking “PUBLISH” share their thoughts with the world. It has incredible potential. Shouldn’t everyone who has a weblog try to realize at least some of that potential?

(4) The old adage is true. If you want to write something when angry, wait a bit. Words matter. And even if a blog post has been deleted, those words linger out there and can never really be erased.

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